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January 29th 2024

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My perfect day in New York City is when I can be completely spontaneous and let the city just happen to me. Whether I am walking or biking around, I’ve run into some especially magical moments and interactions that I could not have planned if I tried

- Nikollë Radi
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By the late 60's, creatives travelled from all over the world to live and work in New York. The city that never sleeps produced geniuses, inspired master pieces and became the home of artistic legends. Drawn like a magnet to this hub of creativity, Stéphanie Roger has sought out exceptional designers.

In our second WHITEbIRD City Guide, we spotlight New York with a special focus on Brooklyn, as revealed through the eyes of our four local designers: Wwake, Alice Waese, Yasuko Azuma, and Nikollë Radi. They unveil their personal New York City favorites. Explore our city guide here and immerse yourself in the NYC experience... Enjoy!

“New York is the thing that seduced me. New York is the thing that formed me. New York is the thing that deformed me. New York is the thing that perverted me. New York is the thing that converted me. And New York is the thing that I love too.”
- Patti Smith

How would you describe a perfect day in New York?

Nikollë Radi
My perfect day in New York City is when I can be completely spontaneous and let the city just happen to me. Whether I am walking or biking around, I’ve run into some especially magical moments and  interactions that I could not have planned if I tried: Rope jumping with neighborhood residents and taking ferry late on a perfectly clear night

de vera 1
De Vera Gallery, 540 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001 - © 2023 De Vera
Perrotin Gallery
Perrotin Gallery, 130 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Alice Waese
A perfect day for me is :

Finding inspiration at De Vera, Donald Judd House, BDDW, Dienst & Dotter.
Having lunch at King.
Walking and walking.
Big rooms at the Whitney.
Small rooms at the Neue.
I miss Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar.
A walk over the bridge.
Chocolate cake at Bakeri.
A drink at Marlow and Sons.

Wing Yau
My favorite thing about New York is how small it can feel, even as one of the biggest cities in the world. A morning walk to the farmer’s market is when I get to bump into all my favorite neighborhood friends – designers, artists, writers–they’re all in my neighborhood. Then I like to go to the city to see some art with my best friend. Some of my favorite places to visit are Perrotin gallery, Bortolami and of course the Met Museum.

I like to end the night cooking dinner for my closest friends and chatting into the night!

Yasuko Azuma
Any day with no traffic !

the binc
The Binc, 60 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 - © Heather Willensky

What are your favorites spots to eat or hang out in the city? 

Alice Waese
Achilles Heel
I miss Prune!

Nikollë Radi

My current favorite spots include - Coffee and a cinnamon babka at Yardsale,  a local coffee place.  They make for a perfect Saturday morning.  And I love getting a  crafted cocktail at one of my long time favorite bars, Binc, in downtown Brooklyn.  And also, meeting my dart friends for beers and playing darts at my neighborhood dive bar, the Soccer Tavern.

achilles heel
Achilles Heel, 180 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 - © Maggie Stankaitis
Yakitori Torishin, 362 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019 - © Yakitori Torishin

Yasuko Azuma
Sweewater Brooklyn, a traditional Brooklyn diner in Williamsburg and Naked Dog, an Italian restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Torishin is a Japanese authentic Yakitori restaurant. That is the best Yakitori restaurant in the city. They offer organic chicken grilled by Japanese “Bincho” charcoal to perfection.

Sandy Liang
Sandy Liang RTW Fall 2019 - © JOSHUA SCOTT/WWD

Your must do during the New York Fashion Week?

Wing Yau
See my friend Sandy Liang’s runway show followed by a delicious meal at Fish Cheeks!

Alice Waese
Hide :)

Nikollë Radi
New York Fashion Week finds me always working late hours at my studio. But going out socializing after work in that week is always a must!

Roman's, 243 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 - @thali.allium
Brooklyn Botanic Garden - © Julia Newman


Wing Yau
I think you need space to be creative. In Brooklyn, you can find more space than you would otherwise find in Manhattan, and I think this is a key connection to making good work – whether it be jewelry, or other forms of art. I’m at peace in my beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood, and that helps me be my most creative self.

My favorite spot in my neighborhood is Roman’s! They have simple yet experimental dishes and draw the most heart warming, interesting people to the bar. I bump into Alice there almost every Saturday :)

Nikollë Radi
Brooklyn is beautiful in every way, it feels very real and accessible. It has an arts and maker scene with people who work in all kinds of different areas that I enjoy being part of.  It's this hands on vibe and it's energy that attracted me to it. A walk through the Greenwood Cemetery. It has meandering pathways, really old trees, and as the highest point in Brooklyn, great views of the City and New York Harbor.  Walking there is a good way to clear your mind. 

Alice Waese
Perhaps because there is more space to create, think, walk. My favorite spot in my neighborhood would be my new light filled studio, I also love Fort Greene Park.

Yasuko Azuma
I do not know why but many does not like busy atmosphere of the city. Our favorite places are Prospect Park and near by Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

NY mountains
Lake Colden in the Adirondacks High Peaks - © Getty Image


Wing Yau
I like to go to the forest! I grew up in a thick forest, so a hike upstate is the perfect way to relax!I like to go to the forest! I grew up in a thick forest, so a hike upstate is the perfect way to relax! 

Yasuko Azuma
We go to a friend’s cabin in Caskill area. It’s about 2h30m away from the city and you will only hear bird’s tweets and sound of brook runs through.

Nikollë Radi
To escape the city I like to immerse myself in the nature and woods in upstate New York or the north east USA. During the summer you will often find me camping and swimming in lakes in the Adirondacks.

Alice Waese


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