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The story of WHITEbIRD

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It’s with the desire to share her passion for creators, their jewels and their stories that Stéphanie Roger creates WHITEbIRD. The jewellery experience becomes definitely modern, a powerful way of freely expressing one's emotions.

WHITEbIRD was founded ten years ago to give a showcase in Paris to international designers who had none. Pieces that are often unique, free expression of the creativity of passionate people, freed from the diktats of marketing. Jewelry that is both timeless and eminently wearable, whispering their difference instead of shouting it. Jewelry created by artists and handcrafted with materials and gems with a clear origin.

WHITEbIRD today comprises three stores in three emblematic districts of Paris and an e-shop that presents the range of our designers.

WHITEbIRD is also an eponymous collection of jewelry, an interpretation of jewelry that combines elegance and modernity; pieces to wear every day or to celebrate exceptional moments.

WHITEbIRD exhibits a wide variety of treasures whose common denominator is the choice of its founder, Stephanie Roger, for whom authenticity and craftsmanship are fundamental.

After spending years working for brands that seek perfect stones, at WHITEbIRD, what we appreciate above all, are imperfect stones, not so different from what we are. I think they have more character. Rediscovering the gesture, feeling the hand of the craftsman, touching the rough edges, admiring the traces of know-how, everything that I found to have been lost in the big houses and that I was looking to share with WHITEbIRD.”

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Historical designers : A long-term relationship

WHITEbIRD now exhibits about 50 designers, whereas, at the beginning, it started with a dozen! Chosen exclusively according to Stéphanie's wishes and tastes, for whom the human relationship is essential. They come from the United States, Japan, Australia, France of course, Italy, Greece and many others countries. Stephanie focuses on quality, relevance and durability of the collections before starting a collaboration with a new designer. WHITEbIRD buys the majority of the pieces, which are chosen one by one. 

Sarah Appleton Atelier

The most essential value to WHITEbIRD is to create lasting and intimate collaborations with free-spirited and talented designers. Many of them have been here since the beginning, and every new alliance must presage a lasting agreement. The cornerstones of the project are, therefore, not the stones themselves, precious though they are, but those who work them, solitary or in small workshops.

The hand that makes is identical to the hand that receives. It is with the same attention and the same warmth that we weave relations with our customers. At the arrival of each visitor, in-shop or online, we deploy a service that is simple and irreproachable, based on the transmission of our knowledge and our passion. For each precious object, a box ... or three. Our three boutiques, on the first “arrondissement”, Le Marais and most recently in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, meet the same need to be unique, original, and warm without departing from the deep pleasure of being simple. The materials of which they are built - lime, wood, brass, felt, wicker - accompany the vintage and artisanal furniture adopted, like our jewels, for its soul.

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About Stéphanie

I created WHITEbIRD with the wish to share my passion for designer jewellery and to showcase the extraordinary talents and personalities.

Self-taught in jewelery and trained in a French Grande Ecole de Commerce, Stéphanie Roger started out in the biggest Maisons in Place Vendôme where she worked in marketing and distribution. In turn she worked at Cartier, Piaget, Chaumet and Dinh Van, Maison which she directed from 1998 to 2005. During her travels, she had the opportunity to observe the evolution and changes in the jewelry market.

« The product in itself, the jewel, was really what drove my passion. The more time passed, the closer I wanted to be to the designer and the act of creation and to explore the potential of the jeweller's craft.. This realisation was only accentuated when I took over the management of Dinh Van, where there were no designers or artistic direction in-house.  I started working with independent jewelry designers, and that's what really appealed to me.

Subsequently, Stéphanie devoted herself to a consulting activity and then developed the jewelery department of the Chloé house, but the crisis pushed the Richemont group to decide in extremis to refocus activities on the brand's core business and the adventure took off. complete. This is the moment that Stéphanie chooses to launch WHITEbIRD.

With the feel of an atelier and a selection firmly grounded in her own taste and experience, Stephanie opened WHITEbIRD in 2010 as her own special place. WHITEbIRD is a short, rewarding walk from the Place Vendome but many figurative miles from a traditional jewellery shop.

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We by, tourmaline Grace ring

" I individually choose them as if they were for me to wear. A lot of the pieces are one-of-kind and we present a large collection that is permanently evolving with new pieces and new designers.

The designers who I select live their lives to the fullest. They are individuals who travel the globe to find inspiration and unusual gems. We have developed a rich and respectful relationship. We enjoy the relationship we have with our clients, and it is our great pleasure to bring them an excellent and personal service whether at the shops or through our website. "

we by simply diamond
we by simply diamond

Whitebird is no exception to the desire to create eco-friendly jewelry for its own collection. In order to make high-quality parts accessible to as many people as possible, we produce in a French company in Thailand, where mercury and cyanide gold mining is totally prohibited. The respect we owe to our planet is matched only by the respect we owe to women and men. The staff at the workshops are all Thai, and we have ensured that the working conditions on site are in line with our values.

In fact, our supplier gives all its employees access to social security and promotes their development and human interaction through an annual trip to different regions of the country. We also make several visits a year to the craftsmen, for the development of our models. We want to redouble these efforts and multiply the opportunities to work in this way so that the small treasures that adorn us exhaust neither the hands which create them nor the treasures of the Earth.

Of course, the special attention we pay to our jewelers extends to all our partners. To stay close to all those who contribute to our history, we prioritize the company of human-sized structures, small businesses, start-ups, or micro-entrepreneurs. With them, every day, we establish a personalized relationship and a collegial work based on trust, respect, and sharing of common values.

Our designers

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