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February 15th 2024

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© Sophie Bille Brahe
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« It was from you that I said yes to the world»

- Paul Eluard


Your favorite curator of contemporary jewellery is back to guide you in choosing THE designer engagement ring. Original, ethical, avant-garde, fashionable, artistic, art-deco, design, or handcrafted... The choices are endless! We've gathered our favorites among our designers, for you, here, and guarantee expert guidance throughout this beautiful journey.

When planning the big day, couples and soon-to-be-weds seeking originality and personal expression often come to us to find unconventional engagement rings. At WHITEbIRD, we celebrate this uniqueness with designer pieces that defy traditional norms.

Our designer engagement ring selection celebrates originality and creativity. They transcend traditional engagement ring roles to become true works of art, expressing each unique story.

At WHITEbIRD, our designer engagement ring collection caters to those seeking a singular ring, a piece that tells a story, representing not just a commitment but a part of their identity. We invite you to discover artistic and innovative designs, unconventional stones, and unique styles for a ring that reflects who you are, speaks to you, and tells your beautiful story to the world.

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The choice of the stone

Diamond or not, what we understand from our clients is that the choice of the stone remains crucial in the purchase of an engagement ring. At WHITEbIRD, you will find a diversity of stones and metals that are out of the ordinary, as well as quality GVS white diamonds.

Original coloured stones and embedded diamonds

At WHITEbIRD, we value originality and authenticity by selecting metals and stones that stand out. Our collections feature smoky diamonds, embedded stones, colored stones (sapphires, emeralds, rubies, quartz, opals, tourmalines...) and patinated gold, offering a range of singular engagement rings.

Often seen as impure in traditional jewelry, embedded and smoky diamonds are for our designers creative and artistic playgrounds, making each piece of jewelry unique and inimitable. This is notably the trademark of the Japanese designer Noguchi Bijoux (one of our best-sellers at WHITEbIRD).

The choice of the stone, beyond its size, now reflects a palette of unique colors and richer textures, telling a story and deriving their value from their originality.

GVS Quality White Diamonds

For those committed to investing in a GIA-certified diamond while seeking innovative design, our Sophie Bille Brahe engagement ring selection is perfect for you! Set with FG Top Wesselton* colored diamonds (near perfection in terms of whiteness) and VVS quality (tiny inclusions, invisible to the naked eye), each ring comes with a quality certificate from the Gemmology Institute of America.

VVS = extremely difficult to perceive tiny inclusions, near perfection

FG = Ranging from D to Z, Colorless (F) and Nearly Colorless (G)

Several approaches can help you make your choice, including lithotherapy (meaning of stones) or the tradition of birthstones. Each month corresponds to a stone in birthstones:

January: Garnet (fidelity, energy, truth)
February: Amethyst (clairvoyance, sincerity, fullness) March: Aquamarine (calm, serenity)
April: Diamond (strength, courage, resilience)
May: Emerald (protection, harmony, regeneration) June: Pearl (purity, authenticity, wisdom)
July: Ruby (divine love, passion, loyalty, courage) August: Peridot (inner peace, joy, spirituality) September: Sapphire (truth, fidelity)
October: Tourmaline (immortality)
November: Citrine (joie de vivre, abundance) December: Topaz (communication, fidelity, joy)

Filter your research on our website thanks to our Metal and Stones guide



With the choice of stone comes the style decision. If you're looking for an original engagement ring with an avant-garde, art-deco, or simply artistic style, we offer a selection that includes many designer engagement ring styles to assist in your treasure hunt.

How to choose the style of your loved one's engagement ring? The style of an engagement ring should ideally reflect the wearer's personality. To help you start your search, we've carefully curated 6 style selections (not exhaustive, of course)!

For further assistance, our consultants will be happy to guide you in-store or remotely via WhatsApp at +33 (0)602153397.

Ethical engagement ring: recycled diamonds as a symbol of commitment

Jewellery as a symbol of commitment also aligns with your values towards yourself and the world. At WHITEbIRD, we select independent designers who prioritize short supply chains and commit to responsible jewelry-making. To further this approach, you can choose a recycled diamond! To learn more about our ethical and committed jewellery, we invite you to read our dedicated article on ethics in designer jewellery.

home-Heloise & abelard
Héloïse & Abélard recycled diamond rings

It designers:

Fashion and influencers' favourites, Sophie Bille Brahe and Viltier are essential mentions in any engagement ring guide!

Icons like Clara Cornet, Blanca Miro, Monica de la Villardière, and Ivanka Smilenko have all been captivated by these exceptional pieces, likely catching your partner's eye, especially if they're in the creative sphere. If they've shown or mentioned these designs, take note: it's their dream ring... and it's available at WHITEbIRD!

Viltier wedding
Clara Cornet


In this selection, we highlight a style characteristic of several designers at WHITEbIRD – each with their unique signature: jewellery that bears the mark of the skilled hands that crafted them. Textured, raw, unique, and authentic gold seems to tell an organic story. An artisanal and creative engagement ring, both in its making and style, will undoubtedly appeal to arts and crafts lovers.

© Elhanati
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crea savon


For a touch of magic, the creation of Sofia Zakia (made with recycled diamonds) and our Aurore collection from our in-house brand We by WHITEbIRD (made with recycled gold) are perfect choices. These creations, imbued with gentleness and poetry, are ideal for those seeking an engagement ring that is both delicate and charming.

crea aurore (1)

Unique Solitaires: smoky diamonds and patinated gold

WHITEbIRD stands as a Parisian haven for extraordinary stones. Like a palette of original paints and materials, Noguchi, Cathy Waterman, and Yasuko Azuma use embedded diamonds to craft unique engagement rings. Enhanced by creativity, smoky diamonds and patinated gold claim in a poetic way that imperfection has unmatched charm!

915440_BAGUE LEAF_OJ_5900€
douze diamamts
yasuko bague carre

Classic with a twist

If you're seeking a diamond solitaire with a subtle twist of originality, you're in the right place! Each in their unique way, Sarah Appleton and Yannis Sergakis reimagine the classic engagement ring by adding details or a more modern design, creating pieces that merge tradition with innovation.

la pierre
sarah appleton

Guide to our services

Your engagement ring is a lifelong jewel! We offer expert jewelry services to support you throughout this beautiful journey. Explore our online services:

Size guide: Our online guide helps you find the perfect size, whether in-store or remotely.

3-Part payment without Fees: Enjoy our flexible payment option, making it easier to acquire the ring of your dreams.

After-sales service and returns: We are at your disposal before, during, and after your purchase with quality after-sales service.

Special orders: Our Personal Shopper service allows you to place special orders with certain designers. For more information, contact us via Whatsapp at +33 (0)602153397 or by email at

Appointment with our Personal Shopper: Whether online or in-store, our advisors and online personal shoppers will be happy to guide you in your choice.

Jewel care: Find all our tips to maintain the beauty of your jewelry, ensuring they stay as dazzling as on your wedding day.

Chaumon Zerpourt


As the big day approaches and you're deep in preparations, we've selected three favorite brands that, in our view, reflect the elegance, authenticity, and originality we cherish...

For her : Maison Floret  

For him : Husbands  

For hosting your guests : Vaisselle Vintage  

For the final word, know that when the choice of the engagement ring comes from the heart, it will always be the right one, so trust yourself!

As André Breton said, we wish you "to be madly loved." Enjoy the journey.

With love, the WHITEbIRD team

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