Stacking, the art of layering your jewels


March 23rd 2023

Loulou de la Falaise

Jewellery may be thousand of years old, but the way we choose to wear it is a story of constant reinvention, influenced by the zeitgeist and fashions. Stacking  - so much in the spirit of our times and adaptable to all seasons -is the art of wearing your jewellery layered.

This fashion was born in the 1920s with the Orientalist movement then in vogue which brought the idea to Western culture of layering jewellery - a practice that had been common in African, Indian and Asian cultures for centuries.

Women at the time, inspired by this concept, began to wear fancy, opulent and ostentatious adornments. This was both an emancipation from the strict codes of Western fine jewellery and an innovative way to celebrate the Roaring Twenties.

It was Loulou de la Falaise, head of accessories for Yves Saint-Laurent, who brought this trend back to the fore in the 1970s.

pippa small bracelets

This enthusiasm for layering faded with the more neutral minimalism promoted during the 90s; but today, with so much freedom to express one's personality, it is definitively back on the fashion map. There are no limits when it comes to mixing styles, metals, stones…. and even putting fine and fantasy jewellery side by side can work to create your own style.

As ever, our designers are our inspiration: Pippa Small is the queen of layering! She says, every single necklace and bracelet has an history and she wear them all every day. Alice Waese always wear many rings and Polly Wales to stack our famous Confetti rings.

Here are our recommendations to make your stacking harmonious: play with the lengths and widths of jewels while balancing them according to their generosity and finesse, so that all pieces are visible. Match the pieces you like according to their shape, pattern, colour and materials so that they resonate with each other.  All our designers’ jewels mix easily. Whether you choose slender or bulky pieces from our creators’ collections, stacking will give free rein to your creativity; layering your jewellery will accesorize an outfit, giving it a style that is uniquely yours. Dorette's multicoloured rings, for example, look divine worn in threes or fours, or even -  as the late designer herself worn them  - adorning each finger. The platinum or gold rings studded with diamonds from Cathy Waterman or Noguchi Bijoux also seem born to stack!

Catherine Lévy
Catherine Lévy - Dorette

We don’t need to have any complexes about lining up studs or hoops from We by Whitebird alongside others from Maria Tash on multi-pierced ears… we could even add a dangling earring from Sophie Bille Brahe, Elhanati, Raphaele Canot... the list is almost infinite, as long as you follow your heart. Two identical earrings on the same side will, for example, produce a very beautiful effect, whether they are all gold like those of Sia Taylor or jewelled like those of Yazuko Azuma, Brooke Gregson or Graine Morton.

Piercing workshop: want to take the plunge? For a piercing in one of our shops, we offer you the services of a professional piercer! On the day of the session, she will use hypoallergenic gold ear jewellery from our own WHITEbIRD collection or from designer Maria Tash. Find more details right here!

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pippa small

The Simply Diamonds necklaces from We by WHITEbIRD are designed to be worn together at different heights and mix nicely with those from Yannis Sergakis and the Rosario and Glitter models from Anaconda. The shimmering colours of Pippa Small pair easily with simpler gemstone necklaces from Lena Skadegard or Ivarene.

As for the unisex pendants from Viltier, they mix quite naturally with each other or with Golpira nuggets and Australian opals from Wwake. And for a more daring build, the Alighieri talismans will be your best allies! By using stacking to express your personality and reinvent the way you wear your jewellery, you’ll connect with your jewels in a whole new way. It’s a statement of freedom made through elegance. Discover our stacking selection here.

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