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To give a ring to oneself or to a loved one is never an insignificant. Rings are symbolic objects par excellence, appearing in many ancient tales and legends (like The Magic Donkey, The Grimm Fairytales and The Ring of Polycrates).
Whether in the form of a simple band or ornate cocktail ring, our designers let their personalities shine through the unique dimensions each one adds to this classic jewellery staple.
Australian designer Karen Liberman for instance makes rings from ancient Roman and Byzantine coins set in 24 carat gold.
Catherine Levy, the designer of Dorette, plays with shapes and colors to create unique and joyful rings that we love to accumulate at every opportunity.
Monica Rossi designs captivating rings for Anaconda that feature enchanting charms that gracefully adorn 19 karat gold bands with champagne-colored reflections.
And finally, Cathy Waterman has designed a thematic collection called “Love of my Life,” which includes unique rings that are instantly recognizable by their fairy-like details and unusual stones, like rustic black diamonds, that have become her signature.

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