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The tradition of wearing earrings dates back at least 8,000 years according archaeological evidence in Asia, which suggests that piercing the earlobe is the oldest form of modifying the human body. Accounts of wearing earrings abound in literature and art that spans many centuries, including the Old and New Testaments. The practices has carried different meanings at various historical times and places. Buddha’s long earrings for example, represent his wealth.
Whether in the form of hoops, studs, or “poissardes”, earrings can be playful and voluminous or precious and discrete.
Noor Fare’s designs stand out for their highly original materials, including ebony and agate. Her “Fly me to the Moon” earrings are in the form of quixotic, daring wings that are truly seductive. Charlotte Chesnais’s designs meanwhile are airy and sculptural and are beloved by many of fashions “it girls.”  Finally, the traditional “poissardes”  with their fish-hook inspired “S” clasp have been reinterpreted by Catherine Lévy for Dorette, who adorns them with colorful, asymmetrical stones.

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