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Ear cuffs are small, patterned earrings that subtly dress the lobe in a modern way. These jewels have a long history, dating back to 2000 BC when they were known as “Kaffa” on the British Isles.
They were also worn in ancient Greece (350 BC), in India and Thailand around the 12th century, and finally in Europe starting in the 18th century and still popular today.
In the United States, Marcel Boucher revived this fashion trend by adorning women’s earlobes with diamonds. The style then fell into oblivion before recently reappearing on the catwalk and red carpets.
Most of the ear motifs at WHITE bIRD and gold and adorned with diamonds. Their unique design and pure lines appeal especially to lovers of contemporary jewellery.
Sophie Bille Brahe’s diamond-studded ear motifs discreetly follow the curve of the lobe, while those designed by Lito feature a spasmodic arrangement of black and white diamonds that can be best be described as a visual arrhythmia.

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