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The bracelet is a very old form of jewellery. Originally made from natural materials, it was once worn for its "magic" protective powers. The discovery of precious metals and stones later transformed it into a symbol of wealth and then people started personalizing their bracelets with their initials or medallions.
WHITE bIRD offers a wide range of bracelet styles to appeal to diverse tastes. Our designers use a variety of materials — stones, fabric, pearls to name a few— but all imbue their designs with talent and imagination.
Yannis Sergakis adorns his slender gold bangles with diamonds forming geometric shapes.
Lena Skadegard sets her semi-precious stones very simply and artisanally to accentuate the stones’ the energizing and protective properties.
The collection of silver bracelets by Le Gramme exemplify simplicity with their perfect volumes and finishes.
Maor Cohen mixes silver with textiles to create a “rock-chic” look that epitomizes LA style. Finally, Charlotte Chesnais’s highly original bracelets lace together the wrist and thumb.

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