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Myrtille Beck x WHITE bIRD

Exclusive collection

The alternative engagement ring, and more broadly pieces of Jewellery that mark the great moments of life are becoming increasingly popular at WHITE bIRD. Little by little, word-of-mouth has made of our Marais store a reference in the field, for Parisians and tourists fond of the creative soul of the area.

In this context, creating a collection of “love rings” adorned with WHITE bIRD’s halo, quickly became self-evident. After our encounter with French designer Myrtille Beck, it became real. The subtle delicateness of her pieces, her exquisite attention to detail and love for a job well-done made of Myrtille the perfect partner to this project. We started working closely together on this project, defining the stones we wanted to use and giving Myrtille “carte blanche” to suggest exclusive ring models that would mix her touch with ours.
The result of this collaboration is a collection of sixteen styles of 18 carat yellow gold rings, set with beautiful diamonds in a range of white, icy grey and champagne colours to stack and collect at will.

Myrtille Beck has loved fabrics and textures from an early age, it was therefore quite natural for her to start studying fashion design. It is later, when she first visited a jewellery workshop, that her taste for jewellery suddenly developed to passion. From there, she started taking courses in goldsmithing and jewellery while practicing in different workshops for about ten years which allowed her to perfect her style and know-how.

With a deep interest in ancient romantic jewellery, Myrtille takes her inspiration from the British Edwardian and Victorian eras to create pieces with a vintage look but a perfectly-executed and comfortable setting.
Myrtille Beck's jewels are handmade with love in her studio-boutique in the 9th district of Paris. The diamonds are carefully sourced and conflict-free respecting the Kimberley process.

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