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17 - Stephanie Schneider

Exclusive in France

Raised amidst the sublime scenery of the German Alps, Stephanie Schneider ’s puristic sense of beauty was fostered by her secluded, bucolic surroundings and, through traditional handcraft techniques, she has found a medium for expressing this unique aesthetic.

Schneider’s textile background is apparent in each of her pieces as she transforms her sensibility for pure and precise textures into delicate, timeless pieces of jewelry of the highest quality, with great dexterity
and attention to details. She mixes materials ranging from mohair to silk and linen with traditional jeweler’s metals.

Historically, the collection has been segmented into three predominant themes: Mohair, Silk and Gemstones. This focus on material evolves without a stringent link to season.

The label’s name, 17, represents Schneider’s philosophy through her interest in numerology: 1 is the beginning, 7 is perfection, and when added together, they equal 8, a number that symbolizes eternity.

Stephanie studied fashion and textile design at the FH Reutlingen, Germany, and at Winchester School of Art, UK. She graduated in 2001 and subsequently worked as design assistant for labels such as Jurgi Persoons, Antwerp, and Hussein Chalayan, London. In 2004 she moved to Berlin in order to join Kostas Murkudis and stayed until May 2009 as men’s and women’s wear designer. In 2013 Stephanie joined the Label Creatures of the Wind, New York, to consult on their embellishment design.

Read Stephanie Schneider's interview and watch a video of her work.

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