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Japanese jewelry designer Yuta Ishihara was born in Yamanashi, Japan, and now resides in Tokyo.
Ishihara studied jewelry design in Tokyo, and in 2008, he started designing and producing custom jewelry. By 2010, he established his company as he started the jewelry brand Shihara.

Shihara considers jewelry from a theoretical standpoint, while updating the conventional rules, functions and structure of jewelry into a more clean, streamlined and beautiful design. Necklaces designed without clasps, or using functional parts of earrings such as catches and posts as part of the overall designs are a few examples his many innovative creations.

In 2014, Shihara’s flagship store YUIBOX opened in the backstreets of Omotesando, aiming to express and to share the world of Shihara.

Read Yuta Ishihara's interview.

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