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Oona is a fine handmade-jewellery brand founded by Maria Moro that aims to revive and foster traditional jewellery values and techniques.

Maria got her masters degrees in Economics and Sociology followed by a professional career in fashion and lifestyle magazines. During the past several years she has worked in the luxury industry in various countries across Europe and it was through her frequent trips to Asia that she fell in love with jewellery; always attracted to antique pieces, gems and the techniques of local craftsmen, so over the years she began to create and design her own pieces, learn gemmology and revive old jewellery-making processes and techniques.

Maria lives between Madrid and Sri Lanka. Her inspiration comes from travelling, searching and browsing for antiques and any artistic expression from the colonial times in the Asian continent.
Art has been present forever in her life and she has an extensive background in the interior design and fashion worlds which have given her skills for the design and creation of fine jewellery pieces.

Oona collections’ are set with a rich variety of natural gems and precious stones as sapphires, tourmalines, spinels… from the island of Ceylon… using old diamonds for some of the collections with the traditional settings on oxidized silverplate which give a characteristic finish. Fine craftsmanship with the utmost care and attention to detail characterises each piece as it is handmade by artisans following Maria´s designs and the result is the combination of delicate creations with a vintage inspired style.

Read Maria Moro's interview.

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