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Exclusive in France

As is often the case with successful enterprises, the jewelry line Anaconda came about organically. It began by chance in 1980 in a modest shop in a beautiful neighborhood of Milan under the auspices of a September night’s full moon.

Then 23, Anaconda’s founder Monica had a business buying and selling ethnic jewelry, textiles, and other objects that she amassed through her many travels. She threw into that mix some silver jewellery of her own design, which she made by hand at her home in Italy and while traveling. Soon, she found herself on a new path that has led her to great acclaim as a jewellery designer...
Eager to better understand fabrication techniques, she began watching a master goldsmith at work. Thus, she learned the tricks of the trade, including stone cutting and carving, without formally studying jewllery-making. She became adept at carving and etching and often applies these techniques, fascinated as she is by how time transforms these surface treatments or openwork metal.
Monica uses only the finest materials including metals, rubies, moonstones, opal, tourmalines, spinels, and other gemstones. Her signature gold is a very specific shade of 19K light yellow that borders on champagne, but she also incorporates 19K rose gold and silver. The stones she selects have great character, owing to their natural flaws and inclusions.
In addition to her collections, Monica creates bespoke pieces, which often transform or take as their starting point a stone that has been passed down through the customer’s family. She enjoys the intimacy of working with customers who entrust her to create something beautiful with their family heirlooms.

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