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Sophie Bille Brahe

After finishing a masters in design at the Royal College of Art in London in 2011, Sophie Bille Brahe began to create one-off pieces for designers and celebrities, among them a triple gold and diamond ring for Madonna’s fiftieth birthday. Encouraged by fashion insiders – buyers and international editors – she launched her collection in 2011.
A perfectionist, it took 18 months to assemble the Sophie Bille Brahe team. “I wanted the right people around me,” Sophie explains. Today, the business is run like a family company. Within months of launching, the collection acquired a cult following in the fashion industry underpinning Sophie’s ability to resonate with what women want to wear.
Sophie Bille Brahe brings emotion back to jewelry. Empowering, cool, understated, she makes beautiful jewellery that means something, to last.

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