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Arielle de Pinto

Exclusive in France

Arielle de Pinto was born in Toronto. She works between Montreal and New York. While studying print and fabric work at Concordia University she found some spools of chain and couldn’t put them
down. She eventually discovered a way to turn the chain into fabric and realized the technique could be endlessly manipulated, without compromising the weighted, nearly liquid quality of the work.

In 2007, she launched her namesake line, establishing her timeless shapes and signature aesthetic. She has since been presenting seasonal themed collections, complex garments, accessories, masks, and tapestries.

The unique crochet technique gave de Pinto no option to draw from the pre-fabricated offerings of the existing jewelry industry, so she spent years hand developing all her hardware, and consulting experienced artisans to create a seamless
body of work.

The collections are clearly yet subtly branded, assuring quality of hand work and materials. She personally trained a small team of crocheters that work out of her Montreal studio.

Read Arielle de Pinto's interview.

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