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Honorine Jewels

Honorine Jewels was founded by Fanny Boucher, a French designer.

Fanny’s plan to study literature first brought her to India in 2005. However, Fanny was captivated by jewellery almost immediately and moved to Jaipur, abandoning her pursuit of literature to work at the legendary Gem Palace. After several years of experience and studying stones at the Gemological Institute of America, Fanny launched her own line in 2009.

Honorine Jewels draws inspiration from art, history, and architecture. Each piece is made entirely by hand and features stones personally selected by Fanny which are then recut to her specifications.

Each piece contains stories: those of the book inspiring its creation and a narrative about the woman Fanny imagines as its owner. “Precious jewellery is something magical. It is the only object that appreciates with time” she asserts.

Read Fanny Boucher's interview.

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