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Natasha Collis

Natasha began her path to success at The Slade, one of the most prestigious art school in Europe where she studied Fine Art Painting and gained a First. During this time, Natasha's unique sense of form and colour harmonies was the early precursor of the designs for her future jewellery collections.

Following her degree, Natasha was awarded the acclaimed Traveller Award and chose to study in New York where she was given the opportunity to work alongside the internationally renowned jeweller Jessica Rose and was given the space within her studio on West Broadway to further her studies and skills.

Much of Natasha's inspiration comes from the beautiful Island of Ibiza, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, artisan earthiness and its kaleidoscope of natural sunlight. After relocating with her family to Ibiza, Natasha opened her shop and studio in 2009, in San Miguel, in the North of the Island.

Natasha uses her instinctive eye for details and her trained eye for colour to perfectly balance unusual precious stones with hand-melted gold nuggets. Each design possesses an original beauty and character that cannot be recreated in another.

Natasha's collections centre on her signature technique of irregular hand-melted nuggets, where she recreates their beautiful characteristic raw appearance. Her colour stories comprise of unusual hues of irregular precious gems inspired by the reflection of sunlight as it dances and sparkles on the Mediterranean waters of the Balearic coast.

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