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Karen Liberman

Exclusive in Europe

Karen Liberman's jewellery collection celebrates the rich details and decorative elements found in various cultural and artistic traditions throughout history.

Raised in Australia and deriving inspiration from her Moroccan-Middle Eastern heritage, references to ancient techniques as well as a preservation of these old-world crafts for the modern day forms the foundation of this collection.

Karen hand-picks ancient coins, precious and semi-precious gemstones from some of the world's best lapidaries: Burmese rubies, sapphire cabochons, and carved tourmalines. The stones and coins are chosen for their individual character and beauty. They are then combined with silver and gold creatively detailed and finished by hand.

Karen works closely with talented international artisans to create pieces that are beautifully crafted. Each piece is unique with its own personality yet forms part of a story. The jewellery can be worn as individual pieces or collected and layered over time.

A creative spirit, she is also an amateur photographer and gardener whose travels have greatly influenced her classic gypsy style.

Located in Melbourne Australia, all pieces are sold to exclusive boutiques and through Karen Liberman Studio by appointment only. The Aman resorts collection of luxury hotels also carries a selection of her jewellery range.

Read Karen Liberman's interview.

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