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Jacqueline Rabun

Drawing on the philosophy to create jewellery that "arouses emotions and gracefully reflects the essence of ones inner beauty", Jacqueline Rabun's designs are rich in symbolism and organic purity.

She began her exploration in jewellery design in 1989 having arrived in London from her native United States of America.

Her debut collection was well received both commercially and critically for its poetic approach and fluid, conceptual shapes that evoke organic forms. Her themes have evolved into her signature with her ongoing collections.

Her characteristic jewellery is given greater dimension, combining wearability with precious with the use of diamonds and gold.

In 1997, Jacqueline started her long-term collaboration with Georg Jensen creating fine jewellery collections for the brand. The most renowned, the Cave collection, encouraged its wearer to seek tranquility and to retreat to one's inner space for stillness and contemplation.

In 2007, she then opened her own store in Grosvenor Crescent Mews, a charming residential area in London's Belgravia and until now continues to expand her collections combining wearability with precious.

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