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WHITE bIRD and You
Your questions, our answers
Here you will find all the answers to the questions you may have regarding our services, your orders and our e-shop.
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Your personal shopper
Choosing a jewel, for oneself or for a loved one, is always a delicate and personal process.
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About sizes
Here you will find the necessary informations to guide you through your purchase on our website. If you don’t know your correct finger size you will be able to refer to the international size chart displayed below.
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Packaging of your orders
Every day, your orders are prepared in our Paris office. The WHITE bIRD team wraps each package with a lot of care because we know that discovering your jewel for the first time is a precious moment.
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Taking care of your jewels
Pieces of jewellery are delicate little objects. Even if they are made of resistant materials in order to be worn everyday, it is still important to follow some general advice for them to keep their original beauty.
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Our stone guide
Stones, or crystals, exist in countless shapes and sizes. The same stone may have different forms or colors, or may be designated by several names. The appearance of many stones is improved by size and polishing but their virtues are also effective in raw state. A rough stone is sometimes difficult to identify because many of its features are less visible. 
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About precious metals
Metals are natural elements found in the soil. There are many types of metals but as lovers of jewelry, our focus will be on precious metals: gold, platinum, silver and vermeil.
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