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Our Story

Origins, values, actions: a deeper look into who we are and what we do.

The story

Stéphanie Roger started her career in the largest houses of Place Vendôme. Twenty years ago, it's through marketing and distribution that she entered the jewelry world, eventually arriving at Cartier, Piaget, Chaumet, and Dinh Van, which she ran from 1998 to 2005. As her expertise grew, she had the desire to be closer to the designers and lead a special adventure. In 2010, with the need to open a multi-brand space where creativity, talents, and aesthetic sincerity would be duly highlighted, she opened a shop as close to Place Vendome as it is far from traditional jewelry.

"By creating White Bird, I wanted to share my passion for designer jewelry and showcase women and men with talents and personalities outside the common. Impressed with freedom and authenticity, all jewels that I buy transmit emotion; I choose them with the desire to wear them myself. Many are unique pieces and our large collection is frequently enriched with new pieces and new designers. They live thoroughly, they travel the world in search of inspiration and amazing stones. Year after year, around this common passion, we built rich relationships. White Bird is indeed a story of transmission and human relations; a story we live daily for our greatest pleasure with our customers."


Our values

The most essential value to White Bird is to create lasting and intimate collaborations with free-spirited and talented designers. Many of them have been here since the beginning, and every new alliance must presage a lasting agreement. The cornerstones of the project are, therefore, not the stones themselves, precious though they are, but those who work them, solitary or in small workshops. 

The hand that makes is identical to the hand that receives. It is with the same attention and the same warmth that we weave relations with our customers. At the arrival of each visitor, in-shop or online, we deploy a service that is simple and irreproachable, based on the transmission of our knowledge and our passion.

For each precious object, a box ... or three. Our three boutiques, on the first “arrondissement”, Le Marais and most recently in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, meet the same need to be unique, original, and warm without departing from the deep pleasure of being simple. The materials of which they are built - lime, wood, brass, felt, wicker - accompany the vintage and artisanal furniture adopted, like our jewels, for its soul.


Our actions

Not content to remain true only to our human and creative values, we believe it is also crucial to produce the jewelry we love in a sustainable and responsible way. By choosing to surround ourselves with designers who work mainly by hand, in small workshops, we significantly reduce the production stages and, at the same time, the environmental impact. Beyond these constraints, we are also attentive to the interest of our designers in the environmental, societal, and ethical issues related to our profession. For each jewel, we make sure that the materials used come from sustainable sources and that they have not undergone any treatment. Full of faithful respect for the sovereign brilliance of the diamond, we are constantly seeking to arouse the interest of designers and customers for stones and materials that are little used, yet filled with rich interior qualities. All that glitters is not gold...

Of course, the special attention we pay to our jewelers extends to all our partners. To stay close to all those who contribute to our history, we prioritize the company of human-sized structures, small businesses, start-ups, or micro-entrepreneurs. With them, every day, we establish a personalized relationship and a collegial work based on trust, respect, and sharing of common values.

White Bird is no exception to the desire to create eco-friendly jewelry for its own collection. In order to make high-quality parts accessible to as many people as possible, we produce in a French company in Thailand, where mercury and cyanide gold mining is totally prohibited. The respect we owe to our planet is matched only by the respect we owe to women and men. The staff at the workshops are all Thai, and we have ensured that the working conditions on site are in line with our values. In fact, our supplier gives all its employees access to social security and promotes their development and human interaction through an annual trip to different regions of the country. We also make several visits a year to the craftsmen, for the development of our models. We want to redouble these efforts and multiply the opportunities to work in this way so that the small treasures that adorn us exhaust neither the hands which create them nor the great treasures of the Earth.


Thank you!

To our customers:
Sibyl, Sidonie, Sylvie, Ines, Sandrine, Mathieu, Nicolas, Michel, Dominique and Valerie, Pamela, Ségolène, Vanessa, Valentine, Kerstin, Lou, Christophe and so many others, to give an echo to our passion.

To our colleagues from now and the past (the "Birdies"):
Benedicte, Clarisse, Emilie, Gaelle, Stephanie, Maurine, Jen, Julie, Uta, Linda, Sophie, Virginie, Sandra, Margaux, Josephine, Ella, Clara, Camille, Cecile, Justine, Fanny, Cecile, Isabelle.

To our partners and suppliers:
Nicole, Jacqueline, Yvon, Gwenaelle, Stephanie, Olivia, Marine, Diane, Sylvain, Mickael, Glen, Benjamin, Noemie, Cyril, Xavier, Anne-Sophie, Calypso, Ingrid, Gunther, Joseph, Raphael...

To our friendly and caring neighbors:
Lou, Aurelia, Stephanie, Frederique, Stephane, Delphine, Cyril, Isabella, Xavier, Julie, Arthur, Sam, Jonathan...


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