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Our piercing workshops

Every week, and for the last four years, we organize piercing sessions in our three shops with a professional piercer.

How we work

We collaborate with two professional piercers who work on specific dates in our stores.
Reservations are made by phone, directly with our stores.

Price & collection

We have a large variety of piercing that can be posed while you get pierced.
Know that our stock may vary and differ from one shop/session to the other.
The day of the piercing, you choose and purchase an earring from this list. The act of piercing is on us !
The next available dates for each shop are listed below.

Jewels available

We only pierce ears using
sterilized piercings in 18k gold, from our
collection or from Maria Tash's
We do not use titanium prothesis. 

Course of the session

Our piercer adheres to the strictest hygiene standards and uses a needle, which causes less damage than a piercing gun to the ear tissue. The process only takes a few minutes and is relatively painless. What is more, we offer advice on how to best take care of your new piercing, especially during the first critical month.

We only pierce ear: please refer to the above drawing.

Piercing for children aged 10 or above, accompanied with one of their parents and both with a valid ID card.

Mont Thabor shop

Call our shop to book your spot
01 58 62 25 86 or


Le Marais shop

Call our shop to book your spot
01 40 24 27 17 or

Thursday, January 27th from 4:40pm to 6:40pm

Saint-Germain shop

Call our shop to book your spot
01 43 22 21 53 or

Thursdays, January 28th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Thursday, February 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm


Piercing Aftercare

A little vocabulary to start with: the word 'piercing' here defines the act of piercing as much as the jewelry that will be put on during the session.

You will need to give your new piercing special attention in order for it to heal properly. The healing time varies depending on several factors such as your age, diet and lifestyle.

At the end of your session, we will give you a card summarizing the post piercing treatments along with a spray of mild disinfectant. Our piercers will also share with you some advice on how to care for your new piercing. Do not hesitate to share any concern you may have with them.

In case of excessive irritation or infection, do not hesitate to contact the piercer who took care of you or consult your doctor.


For about a month, clean the piercing twice a day with neutral pH soap or saline.
Rinse and let it air dry.
The first week, we recommend you spray once a day a mild alcohol-free disinfectant on your piercing after you have washed it with soap.
Then let it air dry - no towel, cotton pad or compress.


Try to avoid touching, picking, scratching or playing with your piercing.
Where possible avoid sleeping on your piercing as this can cause irritation and prolong healing.


We recommend that you do not change your piercing too soon. You may want to wait about six weeks for earlobe piercings, four months for a conch or a tragus and six months for the helix or the flat. Keep in mind that the healing period for earlobe piercings can take 5-6 months and about 9-12 months for cartilage piercings. We recommend that you wear only 14 or 18k jewellery for one to two years after your first piercing.

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Personalized advice

Please feel free to be in touch with our team for technical clarifications, additional pictures or any questions you may have about our jewels.

By phone

+33 (0) 1 42 60 52 39

Monday thru Friday 10am - 7pm

Email me when available

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