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Our piercing workshops

Every week, WHITE bIRD is transformed from boutique to piercing parlor when our professional piercer set up her practice in one of our boutiques.

Whether you decide it is time to succumb to a desire for your first piercing or indulge your edgy side with additional piercings, you will be in good-hands at WHITE bIRD. Our piercers adhere to the strictest hygiene standards and uses a needle, which causes less damage than a piercing gun to the ear tissue. The process only takes a few minutes and is relatively painless. What is more, they offer advice on how to best take care of your new piercing, especially during the first critical month.

Where and when ?

Every Saturday in our Mont Thabor boutique from 11:30am to 2:30pm.
Once a month in our Le Marais shop from 5pm to 7:30pm.
Call us to book a spot at +33 1 58 62 25 86.

How ?

Ear piercing only - please refer to the above drawing.
Earring choices: titanium studs or hoops. Sterilized 18-k gold hoops from WHITE bIRD are also available.

Prices ?

Earlobe: 30€
Cartilage: 40€
(Titanium prothesis included in the price)

The piercing is free if you purchase an earring the same day.
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Personalized advice

Vous pouvez contacter Emilie, qui répondra à vos questions, vous apportera des précisions techniques ou vous peut vous envoyer des photos supplémentaires en situation portée.

By phone

+33 (0) 1 42 60 52 39

de 10h à 19h du lundi au vendredi

Email me when available

This jewel is out of stock : the workshops are working hard to bring it back. Sign-up to stay informed.