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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

WHITE bIRD celebrating 10 years

Illustration by French artist Aurore de la Morinerie

WHITE bIRD values 

WHITE bIRD was founded ten years ago to give a showcase in Paris to international designers who had none. Pieces that are often unique, free expressions of the creativity of passionate people, freed from the diktats of marketing. Jewelry that is both timeless and eminently wearable, whispering their difference instead of shouting it. Jewelry created by artists and handcrafted with materials and gems with a clear origin.

WHITE bIRD today comprises three showrooms in three emblematic districts of Paris and an e-shop that presents the range of our designers. WHITE bIRD is also an eponymous collection of jewelry, an interpretation of jewelry that combines elegance and modernity; pieces to wear every day or to celebrate exceptional moments.

WHITE bIRD exhibits treasures of great variety, which have one thing in common: the choice of its founder, Stéphanie Roger.

Stéphanie Roger, Founder 

Self-taught in the jewellery world and trained in a French business school, Stéphanie Roger began her career in the most famous jewellery houses of Place Vendôme where she worked in marketing and distribution, in turn at Cartier, Piaget, Chaumet, and Dinh Van, which she managed from 1998 to 2005. During her travels, she saw the evolution of the jewellery market. "From the end of the 90s, I became interested in the contemporary and designer jewellery offered in the United States at Barney's in particular. Noticing a stark lack of multi-brand spaces where creativity, talent, and aesthetic sincerity are highlighted, she launched her own business at the end of 2010, just a stone's throw from Place Vendôme but a thousand miles away from traditional jewellery stores. 

"With the creation of WHITE bIRD, I wanted to share my passion for designer jewellery and to showcase extraordinary talents and personalities. The jewellery I choose transmits emotion. It breathes freedom and authenticity. I buy each piece with the desire to wear it myself. Our designers come from all over the world and many have become friends. I select them according to my personal tastes and the quality of their workmanship.” 

Historical designers: A long-term relationship 

WHITE bIRD now exhibits about 50 designers, whereas, at the beginning, it started with a dozen! Chosen exclusively according to Stéphanie's wishes and tastes, for whom the human relationship is essential. They come from the United States, Japan, Australia, France of course, Italy, Greece and many others countries. Stephanie focuses on quality, relevance and durability of the collections before starting a collaboration with a new designer. WHITE bIRD buys the majority of the pieces, which are chosen one by one. 

A big thank you to all these talents for giving us so much pleasure every day!

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