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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Sophie Bille Brahe

Sophie Bille Brahe has been hosting her jewels in our stores for almost a decade now.
Simplicity appears to be at the chore of her designs, and she seems to be drawn to pearls. We wanted to learn more abour her inspirations by asking her a few questions...

1. What can you tell us about your new collection?
This season a kind of wildness crept in. It started with Georgia O’Keeffe. There are some paintings of hers that I always come back to, where what’s she’s doing is somewhere between reality, representation and abstraction, totally radical. The curves in the collection are very O’Keeffe. Everything this season is ripened. I wanted it all to be a little extra.

Georgia O'Keeffe

2. What is your work routine?
I don’t have a fixed work routine or a classic 9-5 working day. Ideas for new collections always appears very suddenly and often with inspiration from travels, art and nature. Genuinely my daily routine is very fluid.   

Spring & Summer Collection 2021

3. We noticed the importance of your family and your entourage aka the SBB family. How were you brought up as a child?
It was an idyllic childhood living nearby Copenhagen and we travelled much with our parents since we were very little. My brother Frederik and I have always been very close. We had a very special upbringing in the sense that we were really loved, and our parents wanted us to find whatever direction in life that was right for us.

Sophie & Frederik

4. You are a mother of two children, how do you experience transmission?
Since having children, I am no longer in control of my own time and have to be extremely fast when making decisions, as I don’t have the luxury of doing it later. From that I have become much more focused.

5. Can you tell us about the Weekend Magazine project?
We created Weekend Magazine to give people a glimpse into my universe by picturing a typical weekend spend with my dearest family and friends. My brother Frederik and I did an interview on our childhood and how it has impacted where we are today, and then we held a summer dinner with the most amazing food Frederik cooked, sharing the recipes in the magazine for people to try themselves.   

6. Your brother Frederik is a well-known chef in Denmark, are you a food lover? 
Yes! Food has always been extremely important in our family and we use so many hours around it, preparing and cooking together. We usually spend our Sundays at our childhood home with a big family dinner. 

7. Creativity runs in the family, could you tell us about your aesthetics heritage?
I believe it has passed through generations, beginning with my great-great-great grandfather, Tycho Brahe. I grew up surrounded by many old treasures in our home and was raised with a deep respect for craft and storytelling, which has impacted the path into what I do today. It’s difficult to find objects that are closer to the stories of peoples’ lives than jewelry and I hope that the jewelry I make people will pass on.

8. What place do objects have in your life?
Our father was very aesthetic and passed on his love and care for objects. We have grown up close to stories told through paintings and objects that have been cared for through generations. Both Frederik and I are very fascinated by objects and the beauty of things is very important to us today. 

9. Which is your favorite of the five senses?
To feel – I really like how we are able to sense things, textures, the experience you get from feeling things is incredible. 

Merci Sophie!

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