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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Samuel François

Portrait by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello 

Since December 2019, we are happy to count Samuel François among our designers. Since then, our clients, just like us, are enchanted by his enamelled bronze jewels which express his taste for ancient times, magic and organic shapes. Discover Samuel's inspirations, goals and personality in this interview. 

1. Before we start, can you introduce yourself to those who don't know your work yet?
I am not strictly a "jeweler". I defined myself more as a person who comes from the fashion industry - I studied fashion design and fashion creation, at studio Berçot (a fashion school with a “creative” aura), before becoming a photo stylist (a profession I still practice: I am fashion editor at NUMERO magazine, I also collaborate with other magazines). Even if my story has always led me to jewelry - made for designer Martine Sitbon in particular, at the beginning of my professional life. It was only recently that I whipped this part of my personality into a little more shape.  

2. What is your first jewelry memory? 
First memory... In terms of real memory, it is a non-precious jewel, an enameled and glittery metal brooch depicting a moon – with a face... motif that I actually recently used. There are obviously more nebulous memories, but in the order of the fantasy, jewel boxes, treasures, sparkling stones in the cinema, and even if it is not the first memory I have from the end of my childhood, I was so attracted to a rhinestone brooch ("Paris" written in rhinestones) that I had to steal it, which triggered a period of "jewelry in store" theft - fantasy, we get on…  

3. What are your greatest design and jewelry influences?  
First of all, I would say Claude Lalanne obviously. One of my most memorable memories was- besides a mixture of clothing/jewelry- the breasts and sizes dresses of Claude Lalanne and Yves Saint Laurent. Then my influence references vary - from the hand and humour of Line Vautrin, with organic and sculpted forms by Elsa Perretti, jewellry for the costumes of Danilo Donati for Satyricon by Fellini, the brooches by Calder, the sculptors a lot, Jeanine Jeannet, Rembrandt Bugatti, Germaine Richier, antiques pieces - Roman, Greek, pre-Columbian South American gold… jewelry and art nouveau objects, some surreal pieces by Max Ernst. The range is very wide.  

Claude Lalanne and Yves Saint Laurent - Picture by Manuel Litran

4. How do you imagine the man and woman wearing your jewels? What would their style and personality be?  
I have no preconceived ideas about who likes my work and am always amazed when I see my jewels worn. It's always nice to see people come into your world and take it over. 

5. What are your work rituals? What is a typical day for you? 
Having several activities- I don’t really have rituals, except that I work with incense and music, and I often put off tasks... 

6. For 2020, do you have any specific projects or wishes to share with us? 
I have many desires; learn to work glass, create pieces with leather, create pieces with wood... 

Merci Samuel!

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