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Friday, October 12, 2018

Precious encounters: 5 Octobre

 WHITE bIRD met Sophie Pfeffer, founder of 5 Octobre. We are happy to welcome this new brand for the launching of its first fine jewellery collection.

A jewel that reminds you your childhood? 
There are several: my grandmother charming white gold and pink diamonds cut necklace, and also a cat shaped silver ring that I received from my mother when I was 8.

The first piece you designed? 
I started creating jewels at 10: I had an old pearls collection, and I was already passionated by precious stones; I use to read “Roches et Minéraux” (nb. famous French book for precious stones). The first pair of earrings I created was composed of pearls and coral. Then the design never left me…

What is your favorite stone and why?
I love brown and grey diamonds, when it has an old cut, with few facets, which gives a subtil glow and absolute charm. Emerald is also a bewitching and mysterious stone as its colour is deep, I’m fascinated by green stones. Turquoises are aswell part of my favourites, I like it veined with different shades of blue that can turn greenish.

A piece you can’t live without? 
I never go out without a pair of earrings, or hoops that I made for my collections.

What are your favorite jewellery designers? 
I really admire JAR, I saw its exhibition at the MET, New-York City: there is a dreamy universe in high jewellery world and the presented pieces were amazing and bold, a big emotion! These are art pieces.
I am a fan of the Noguchi jewels, whose fine designs transports me: there is a lot of poetry in this delicate work with thousand details extremely refined.

Your most remarkable inspirations in design? 
My inspirations are very different and there are several big angles that guide me in my work: contemporary art and primal art, painting, photography: at 12, I fell for Picasso (blue and pink period); I’m passionated by the work of the great American painters, Rothko, Cy Twombly, et Jean Michel Basquiat, there is a big energy in their work, through colours, composition and movement. Photography is also omnipresent in my work, I practice it myself and I admire Man Ray, Annie Leibotiv, JR, Vivian Maier… and so many more I can’t quote them all.

What do you listen to in your studio?
I’m the eclectic kind with a particular feeling for the bossa nova. When I like a song, I can listen to it repetidely during several hours… At the moment I like Pauline Croze who does remakes Bossa tubes; I’m also a fan of French artists like Arthur H and M (Mathieu Chedid), also soul and R’n’B that make me dance: Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Earth Wind and Fire…

If you wasn’t a jewellery creator, what would you do? 
I already had a first profesional life, as I was a loyer during 10 years, a job I loved and much more creative than it appears; I could do horticulture also because I love plants and finally, photography.

One or several real or fictive celebrities you’re inspired by? 
Romy Schneider, a great actress, Simone Veil, a great woman, who fighted for the Woman cause: she made graved her registration number on her academic sword so that she would never forget it.

A destination that you dream about?
Travelling is an inexhaustible source of happiness, meetings and inspirations: I dream about seeing one day the Easter Island but also Pantagonia, Ushuaia, earth on fire, the other end of the world.

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