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Monday, April 15, 2019

Olivia Thébaut

Portrait by ©Marion Berrin

French photographer Olivia Thébaut shot a series of pictures exclusively for us in her new home in Le Médoc, France, located just north of Bordeaux. Using the soft light that bathes her place and paired with sleek blond wood, she has enlightened our Noguchi jewels with the same grace and elegance that characterize her work. We interviewed Olivia all about her work, her new life in the south of France and her inspirations.


1. What significance do jewels play in your everyday life? Do you wear them regularly?
On a daily basis, I'm more of a minimalist type of person - I like to wear delicate and discreet pieces. From time to time, I like to accessorize a simple look with more sculptural jewels, like a beautiful pair of earrings.

2. Is there a jewelry designer or creator whose work speaks to you particularly?
I find the work of Sophie Buhai completely sublime.
I wear, since the birth of my son, a Wwake necklace that I love. Opals are fascinating stones that evoke so many memories in me.

Olivia wearing her Wwake necklace

3. You created photos for us of key pieces from the Japanese designer Naohiko Noguchi, how did you approach this series?
What a pleasure to work with the refined and poetic pieces of Naohiko Noguchi! Each piece is a small work of art that I tried to sublimate in the simplest way possible. I created minimal compositions using only natural light and raw materials.

Noguchi Bijoux Ondine bracelet

4. Could you tell us about your photography career and your main artistic influences?
I am a self-taught photographer. I learned to work for pleasure, with instinct and so my photo journey evolves naturally as time goes by, along with my personal life. I started by working in the realm of travel and then focused my work on fashion, lifestyle and more recently on decor and the universe of children. I am happy to be able to evolve in such different artistic domains.
I love Matisse's forms, Monet's poetry and color, the strength and femininity of Georgia O'keeffe's work.

Georgia O'Keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz

5. Moreover, is there a particular artist or a fashion house with whom you would like to collaborate?
I already had the chance to work for many creators and brands that I admire... I just hope to continue on this path even if I do not have a particular name in mind!

6. Your Instagram account is full of magnificent travel photos, what's your next destination?
The arrival of a baby in 2018 has reduced our number of trips lately but now that my son is a little older we are eager to travel again and with him along with us. We think of Mexico, in particular!

Dakhla, Morocco​

7. We also discovered, also on Instagram, pictures of your new house in Le Médoc. What ambiance did you want to recreate? What were your tips to get there?
It is an 1850 house with an atypical blue patina in the living room - a raw wall, that’s like a work of art on its own, that extends all around the room. We wanted to leave the living room as it is, and for the rest of the rooms we remained minimalist - with simple and timeless furniture. I brought comfort and softness to balance the raw side of the house using nice linen and beautiful materials.

Olivia's new home in Le Médoc

8. Do you have any future projects that you could share with us?
Renovations continue on our property and soon a new inspiring place to live and work in... and professionally, collaborations with new brands, campaigns and publications of my photos in the press. 

Merci Olivia!

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