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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Nina Koltchitskaia

We met the lovely and talented artist Nina Koltchitskaia, first on Instagram (where else?!) then in person... For White Bird, she created a beautiful and delicate drawing that adorned our New Year postcards, sent to our friends and clients. We had the pleasure of hearing her story, passions and future projects.

Nina's 2020 card

Interview with Nina

1. Hello Nina! Before we start, can you introduce yourself to those who don’t know you yet?
I am a painter and plastic photographer. I draw the dance of emotions and I look for happy accidents.

2. How did you start painting?
I always saw my father drawing and painting when I was a child. My mom is a painter, too, and my older sister did fine art in Moscow. I always drew, but for myself, without really showing it. Then, a few years ago, my lover convinced me to collect my drawings, and show them for the first time.

3. Your exhibition at the end of 2019 “Des visages et des fleurs” was a success. Congratulations again! How did you come up with ideas for this collection?
Each project naturally imposes itself on me, organically, without really looking for it. The ideas I draw come to me rather than the reverse. It’s a magical accident!

However, the choice of my work support has not been accidental. For this last project, I painted on old book pages. I wanted to put young, emerging faces and feelings on a paper that has already lived, and has already been loved. Paper that has traveled, and had one or more stories to tell.

This union of the immediate and the old is very important to me. It gives me the feeling of modifying the temporal trajectories. It reassures me.

4. What are your work rituals, and what does a typical day look like for you?
I have a whole set of little habits to be able to draw and find inspiration, but mainly I need to surround myself with light and colors. Also, when I draw, I like to be alone with music or the sounds and scents of nature as the only interlocutors.

I try to make time - my time - slower, sweeter, more cheerful. To transform my realities, and be able to feed my imagination.

Whatever the subject of my paintings, I want to be able to have a new, free, and immediate writing of the emotions and dreams that come to me, all the time. 

5. How about jewelry? What do they represent for you? Can you tell us the story behind your favorite pieces?
I have a very specific passion for rings and necklaces. I like being able to wear them without ever having to take them off. Every piece of jewelry I have has a wonderful story, but there’s one that I will keep in my secret box for myself. And if I had to keep only one thing, it would obviously be my engagement and wedding ring ❤️.

6. At White Bird, do you have designers who particularly appeal to you?
When you push the door of a White Bird shop, you are instantly transported to a wonderful and precious world, where everything is sublime! The choice of designers is vast, and I love them all!
I love the delicious creations of Sophie Bille Brahe, especially the pearl earrings, with feminine and elegant curves. I also really like Cathy Waterman, whom I discovered thanks to White Bird. Her jewels are inspired by nature - the delicate fragility of botany preciously translated into jewelry. And, of course, Pascale Monvoisin. I love her freedom, the strength of her fabrics and forms. She makes me travel by her poetry and her romanticism, which are felt in each of her jewels.

7. Finally, do you have any specific projects for the coming year to share with us?
I continue to work on a comic book poetry project, and I am preparing my next exhibition. Stay tuned!

Pictures credits: Nina Koltchitskaia

Merci Nina!

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