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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Meet Sonia Ichti

WHITE bIRD ❤️  women.
Soon after meeting Sonia, we knew she had to pose for us ! Her presence, her singularity and her connection with the world of fashion immediately seduced us. She goes from being a model, to an artist and even an actrice, but Sonia Ichti is above all a free woman. Under the eye of Olivia da Costa, Sonia poses in a captivating way wearing jewellery by Karen Liberman, Elhanati and Alice Waese. Here’s an interview to learn more about her background and inspirations.

1. You have given us the pleasure of posing with our jewellery for a photo shoot with Olivia da Costa. What is your relationship to jewellery?
I love antique jewellery that has sentimental value, jewellery that has soul. I have a mystical and carnal relationship with jewellery.

Sonia photaographed by Olivia da Costa for White Bird Jewellery - Wearing Alice Waese's rings, Karen Liberman's necklace, White Bird's necklace

2. You have worked in the fashion industry. Can you tell us about your background?
My sister was a costume designer at the Opera, my aunt was a master tailor, and my grandfather sold fabric. I was born into fashion and I passed a vocational training certificate as a seamstress to make my own creations. I have met many designers like Maud Perl and I walked the runway for XULY Bët and Kate Barry, for whom I wore a red wedding dress at the Palace. Later, I worked in Dries Van Noten's shop on Quai Malaquais for thirteen years.

3. Which fashion personalities have mattered to you and why?
Martin Margiela because he deconstructed and invented something. Yohji Yamamoto because he operates like an architect of clothes, Azzedine Alaïa who created free clothes, and Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons, whose fashion work I would compare to a high-wire act.

4. Can you tell us about your personal dress design project?
Creating comfortable clothes fulfilled a real demand from women, especially those who do not feel comfortable with their bodies. With a tailoring degree, I recently designed a small line of indoor garments, with no specific sizes, to go out and feel beautiful.

5. You have worked in cinema and theatre. What did you learn from that experience?
That you have to have enormous self-confidence. I was very young and not ready. But playing on stage was very enjoyable. I met personalities (agents, actors, directors, dialogue writers, etc.) and I worked very hard. However, travel is more important to me.


6. You are creative. Which tool do you prefer to use?
I graduated as a ceramist in Brazil, where I lived for seventeen years. I worked with earth laden with human and animal remains that needed to be cleaned before being used. It was very pleasant to the touch.

7. In normal times, what place does travel have in your life?
It is what allowed me to encounter myself, to know myself. By visiting other cultures, I joined my own. I lived in Brazil and its raw nature constructed me.

8. You have a 24-year-old daughter. Can you tell us about her and your relationship to your mother?
I was lucky enough to have the mother that I had and the daughter that I have. My daughter is 24 and she is studying at Les Beaux Arts. I am very proud of her, of her human qualities. She is very mature. It’s a huge gift in my life. I have a deep and enormous love for the strong and very demanding woman who was my mother. She taught me to respect myself and had a deep understanding of the heart. We were soulmates. I have an invisible bond of values through word and example with both of them.

Sonia and her daughter for Vogue Italia

9. More generally, what place do women hold in your life? Which ones inspire you?
Many who have left us. Anna Magnani in "Mama Roma", Irène Papas in "Zorba the Greek", Maria Casarès, and also my mother, who had nine children, are all inspiring. These women were not flirtatious.

10. The representation of femininity has changed in recent years. What is your assessment of its evolution?
Femininity must change. It is still a very delicate question because women are still locked in a straitjacket. Women need to be freer and should embrace acceptance.

11. According to you, what makes a woman beautiful?
The fact that she accepts herself as she is regardless of the stereotypes of fashion and men.

12. You read and love music. What are your favorite works?
The work of Jacques Prévert holds a very important place in my life. The compositions of Chet Baker, Van Morrison and Jean-Sebastien Bach, too.

13. How do you go about preserving your freedom?
Freedom rules my life. I try not to be afraid. I fight against my fears.

14. What is your philosophy of life?
Keep your child's soul. I hope to stay a child until I'm 90.

15. Finally, you experienced the very rich hours of Parisian nightlife during the time when it was at its most creative. How do you experience creation now? And how do you plan to create in the future?
I was 20 and everything was possible. There was a lot of spontaneity and no social cleavage like today. Although social media has allowed me to discover and follow new designers, openness to the world is not the same. There was a madness that no longer exists. Mutual aid is still there, however, and is expressed differently. In the future, I can see myself in a small house by a lake with a sewing machine, a manual pottery wheel and a large kitchen.

Chinese Mini-Portrait: 
If you were a piece of jewellery, it would be: earrings. I feel naked without them
A stone: lapis lazuli for its enveloping blue or an emerald
A flower: lily of the valley
A dish: couscous, a common dish to share
A work of art: "The Wounded Deer" by Frida Kahlo
An author: all of Prévert, to keep my child's soul
An artist: my daughter
A country: Tunisia
An animal: a dog for its loyalty
A sport: a relay race

Merci Sonia! 

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