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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Karen Liberman

Karen Liberman is one of the very first designers to have joined the windows of our shop rue du Mont Thabor... Since then she keeps inspiring us with her creations. Each piece is unique, recognizable thanks to her aesthetic signature. Karen shared with us her inspirations in a recent interview, her creative process but also her passions beyond jewelry.



"I have been designing jewellery since 2010 working from my home studio, in Melbourne Australie, collaboration with goldsmiths from Australia, India and Turkey who individually handcraft each design.

The inspiration for my work comes from travelling to exotic destinations, a love of antiquity and natural landscapes which shape the way my creations evolve. My Middle Eastern and North African background have imbued within me with a fascination for ethnic jewellery, produced by native peoples using local materials, traditional techniques and time honoured styles.

The process of designing jewellery begins with the selection of gemstones, antique beads or coins, after which I add layers drawing on my inspirations to create a piece that encapsulates the elements I would like it to express. These layers may reference ancient jewellery making traditions like gold filigree, granulation or engraving and in some cases reflect a landscape which left an impression on me. 

Travel has always been an integral part of my life, with a mother that was born in Morocco and a father from Poland who met in Israel (where I was born) and later emigrated to Australia when I was young. Staying connected to my family roots and traditions is truly important to me. I also love travel, not just for the closeness it brings me with family, but I have an innate desire to wander and explore the world to experience its true beauty; travel reveals space in my mind that allows for creativity, reflection and contemplation.

"Travel adds richness to my life." - Karen Liberman

Aside from travelling, cooking has also been a passion of mine, which led me to create a memoir cookbook to honour my beautiful mother and her family's cooking traditions.

This enabled the incorporation of my love for photography, as the images in my cookbook were captured on film.

Last but not least, my newly discovered passion for free diving has taken me te remote places like West Papua New Guinea, a province in the Far East of Indonesia. Being underwater, hearing nothing but the sounds of the ocean, and photographing spectacular coral gardens is in itself a form of meditation. Surrounded by vast underwater beauty, endless fields of soft corals, colourful sea fans and the sens that time has slowed down are all a new kind of inspiration."

Merci Karen!

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