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Monday, January 17, 2022

"Galleria - Eva Jospin"

"Galleria" is a carte-blanche exhibition given to the French artist Eva Jospin, who creates work in cardboard. Her favorite material, it is monumental to her latest project on the theme of the forest.

Born in 1975, Jospin is a former student at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and former resident of the Villa Medici in Rome. She is inspired by nature and garden architecture, and fascinated by craft.

"I'm a big fan of craftsmanship in general, and of all the feats of the hand," she says.

Jospin is also an embroiderer, draftswoman and sculptor. Among her designs is the breathtakingly huge and fully embroidered set of nearly 400 shades created for the 2021-2022 fall-winter collection fashion show of French fashion mogul Dior.

The installation of the Dior haute-couture fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion show - Imagined by Eva Jospin

The Museum of Hunting and Nature is thrilled to feature "Forest," an extraordinary work made entirely of raw cardboard and the first work of the artist to enter a museum collection.

Pergola, colossal passage, nymphs and cenotaph punctuate the museum’s exhibition rooms, lending itself like no other exhibition space to her work. Jospin also plays with lianas and ephemeral plants made of cardboard - discreet details that insinuate themselves into the very structure of the rooms of the Hôtel de Mongelas, located in the Marais district of Paris.

Designed to be taken in immersively, this sublime exhibition piques wonder and curiosity through Jospin's refined, naturalist gaze. 

The cardboard she sculpts, stacks, glues, and embroiders speaks to the fragility of nature. Through evocations of lace, goldsmithing, marquetry and stone, her pieces summon both the dream state and the classical tradition. 

In the museum, visitors are invited to cross a vaulted passage in carved cardboard, which pays homage to the fanciful rocailles of the eighteenth century and the fairy grottoes of Italian baroque gardens. 

One can also find her admiration for the "studiolos" of the Renaissance, cabinets loaded with objects and "naturalia" by scholars and scientists. Fragile and precious at the same time, these microcosmic representations of nature can be found in the museum as well.

Through her moving, multi-disciplinary work, the artist explores the intersection of architecture, nature and curiosity. After all, forests, lianas, rocks, and waterfalls are places that inspire wandering reverie.

For this exhibition, Jospin wanted to surround herself with artists like photographer Faustine Cornette de Saint-Cyr, illustrator Aurore d'Estaing, and visual artist Guillaume Krattinger. Embedded in the museum’s exhibition spaces, they share a poetic view and are united by the same sensitivity to materials, the passage of time and the fragility of beings. 

An intimate and romantic place, the Museum of Hunting and Nature is a magical space to peruse its acclaimed permanent collection and interact with a dedicated staff. Trained to explain the pieces, the museum guards are happy to enlighten you on your visit free of charge, and share in the beauty of the art world.

"Galleria - Eva Jospin" - Until March, 22nd 2022
Hunting and Nature Museum
63, rue des Archives Paris 3rd

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