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Monday, January 20, 2020

Émilie Bouguereau

We are happy to announce our beautiful collaboration with Émilie Bouguereau, a bright artist who opened the doors of her cozy apartment to us. Read her interview and discover her artistic creations, her inspirations, and future projects.

1. Hello Émilie! Before we start, can you introduce yourself to those who don’t know you yet?
Hello, my name is Émilie, I'm 30, and I live in Paris. I am an illustrator. I draw watercolors and porcelains that I decorate by hand. 

2. How long have you been drawing and when did you decide to start your own brand?
I’ve been doing watercolors since I was a little girl. I remember having always drawn and loved it. I was a creative girl, I made my toys myself! I launched my brand after an experience as a leather goods designer that helped me realize that to grow as an adult, I had to dedicate my imagination to my world. 

3. Many of your watercolors show wild animals, could you tell us where this inspiration comes from?
During my childhood, I followed my father, a wildlife photographer, in Africa for many safaris. These trips represented an incredible source of inspiration. My watercolors are a reflection of these joyful and colorful memories of nature and wildlife. 

Emilie's watercolors 

4. You also offer porcelains, and more recently, some stationery, what are your plans for the future? 
I paint porcelains by hand and have others reproduced in a workshop based in Limoges. I like the old-fashioned spirit of porcelain. A diary and a coloring book fully illustrated by me also just went out, published in the Marabout Hachette creative editions. Other than that, I have two new collaborations with clothing brands that just came out: one with Rodier and the other with Septem. I have many other great things in the works. 

5. What are your work rituals, and what does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day, for me, starts with a coffee with oat milk while reading my emails. Then I start working. I’m lucky that "working" for me, at least half of the time, means "drawing". I spend the day in my pajamas at home painting. I usually take a break during lunchtime to go to the gym. I need to be physically active because when you don’t hear the sound of your own voice or don’t see a living soul for too long you can become a little crazy.

6. Let’s go back to the jewels, shall we? I see that you wear a lot of jewels. What is your relationship with them? Do you wear the same ones every day?
I love jewelry. I like to buy jewels, a lot of jewels. I wear a lot that I stole from my poor mom and she might never see them again! There are tiny jewels that I never remove, even to sleep. And I wear bold jewels in the evening when I dress up to go out. 

7. At White Bird, which of our designers do you particularly like?
I love Loquet London. I bought one for myself last year and chose all the little charms with it. I like the concept of personalizing what you put inside, like a treasure. Having a lot of piercings myself, I also love Maria Tash. I'm a fan of her creations. I also like Dorette’s jewelry, my boyfriend gave me a very nice ring for my 30th birthday.

Dorette earrings and rings - Polly Wales rings

8. You recently moved to the 1st arrondissement. Do you already have good spots in your neighborhood to share with us?
I love going for lunch at the trattoria "Enza & Famiglia" rue Saint Honoré. It is a small and cozy place. Pasta is delicious, and I love pasta. There is also a very simple pizzeria "La Tavola Calda", near my house and they make incredible pizzas. Now you know - even if it’s not the healthiest, I am an Italian cooking lover! I also like to hunt books at a bookseller in Quai de la Mégisserie and cross the Seine to buy plants on the Ile de la Cité. 

Merci Emilie! 

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