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Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Christo and Jeanne-Claude were 23 years old when they met in Paris and, fun fact: they both were born on June 13th 1935 (respectively in Romania and in Morocco).
Their couple is one of the most efficient in the history of contemporary art. They lived and worked together and she especially participated in the making of the monumental projects.

After studying at the school of Fine Arts in Sofia, Christo settled down in Paris where he built up his artistic language.
Overcoming easel painting, he experiences work in relief, stackings, wrappings, the early concealed displays and the monumental projects such as the Pont-Neuf Wrapped 1975-1985 that are presented in two parts. 
The second part of the exhibition documents in specific ways the making of the Pont-Neuf Wrapped 1975-1985. From initial negotiations with politicians to the bridge wrapping and its consequences on the residents, the project is part of life’s reality.

We learn that from the begining, the couple has always financed their projects exclusively through the sales of the collages and preparatory drawings made by Christo.
With a marginal and spectacular vision exceeding pictorial representation, Christo and Jeanne-Claude have developed an outstanding artistic project which needed a colossal technical and human device.
Those who have experienced it still remember!
Christo passed away on May 20th 2020 and was preparing the wrapping of the Arc the Triomphe in Paris which will take place from September 18th 2021 till October 3rd 2121.

Centre Pompidou
July 1st - October 19th 

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