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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Christina Magdolna

Welcome Christina Magdolna 

"Creativity always comes from a place of feeling; from a place of emotions." - Christina Magdolna

We are delighted to welcome Christina Magdolna Jewelry at WHITE bIRD. Founder and designer of her own brand, Christina aims to create jewels of timeless aesthetic and timeless quality, handcrafted locally, using traditional techniques. For this launch, we asked Christina a few questions to know more about her background, inspirations and creative process. 

1. Could you introduce yourself to our clients who are not completely familiar with your work? 
I am thrilled to be here, thank you! I am Christina, the creator and designer of Christina Magdolna Jewelry, based in Los Angeles. CMJ is dedicated to creating radiant, organic jewels that celebrate the natural beauty of saturated minerals, through the minimalist elegance of elementary forms, and vice versa. We aim to create jewels of timeless aesthetic and timeless quality, handcrafted locally, using traditional techniques. 


2. What is your first jewelry memory?
With my dad working in the film industry, my formative years were immersed in a world where artistry and workmanship could bring anything to life. He transmitted his love for art and craft, which I explored as a form of expression during my childhood. It was in my teenage years that I tried my hand at designing accessories such a bead necklaces and hair clips, for myself, or to gift to friends and family. 

3. When did you decide to create your own brand? Are there any specific events that influenced in you? 
I founded the line in 2017. At the time I was living in Brussels, where under the mentorship of the wonderfully talented Jewelry designer, Martine Hermans Frisvold, I learned metalsmithing. An initial interest in gemstones became a passion for creating jewelry, and it became my artistic instrument of choice.

4. What’s the first piece that you designed? 
It was a minimalistic silver lined earring showcasing a beautiful slice of green and black tourmaline, my favorite gemstone.

5. Can you tell us more about your process of creation? Whats your definition of creativity? 
It always comes from a place of feeling; from a place of emotions. Searching for, and understanding emotional responses is imbedded into my creative process through a constant exposure to culture, at large. A collection always starts with inspirations, and that starts with keeping my eyes open to the world.


6. What do you think of creating a jewel? What inspires you the most? 
As a starting point, the gemstone, most definitely. I am charmed by a stone’s singularity; the features revealing its formation. Every piece is different, but part of the same story rooted in ancient objects, primitive shapes, ethnic jewelry, and modernist art movements.

7. If you weren't a jewelry designer, what would you do? 
I would enjoy being a sculptor, and work on enormous pieces of marble.

8. Who are you favorite artists? 
I am drawn to impressionist painters, and to Henri Matisse more particularly. In today’s world, I love Danielle McKinney’s paintings, Suzanne Sullivan’s ceramics, and Olivia Cognet’s sculptures. 

Danielle McKinney

9. Do you have a favorite jewel?
I do! A thick bracelet that was given to me by my mother. It is three colors of woven gold, and it has a palpable, positive energy to it. There is magic in jewelry that is passed down, which has inspired me to aim to design future heirlooms.

10. Can you tell us what is the greatest journey you made in your life so far? 
I spent the last decade living between Paris and Brussels, and grew up in a multicultural family between Los Angeles and Budapest. Once I was living in Europe, I was able to immerse myself in the architecture, history, and lifestyle that has become the aesthetic of my brand. 

11. Chinese mini-portrait - If you were...
If I was a piece of jewellery: The blue tanzanite eye dangle pendant
A stone : Paraiba tourmaline
A flower : Bougainvillea
A dish : Lemon pasta
A work of art: Matisse's Seascape
An author or a book : The English Patient
A country : France
An animal: A Parrot

Matisse's Seascape

Merci Christina! 

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