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Monday, November 22, 2021

Cathy Waterman Trunkshow 2021

A few weeks to Christmas and we are delighted to announce our 10th annual Trunkshow with Californian designer Cathy Waterman. More than 60 extraordianry creations have made the trip from Santa Monica to Paris and are now illuminating our showcases in the Mont Thabor store. 

For the occasion, we (virtually) sat down with the designer and asked her a few questions. Read Cathy's interview to learn about her latest projects and her inspirations for for these new creations.

1. When we last saw you in Paris, times were somewhat different. The international pandemic was a tough time for a lot of people. Still, some designers have used this particular time to focus on creativity. We know you and you family have been safe. Can you tell us a bit more about these two past years for your brand?
The last 2 years have been a tranquil time with quieter days in the studio because most of the team was remote and this allowed lots of space to dream, which is always good. I love the results, much of which focused on the cosmos and of course how the earth goes on while people slow down... and I made lots and lots of committment rings, which make me so happy. On the other hand, it was a struggle to find stones but luckily I am a stone collector so I went into my collection deeper than usual.  

2. Have you changed some of your daily habits due to the new circumstances?
Only that I take a few minutes before I get out of bed, after I do my gratitudes, to read, whatever book I'm reading at the moment.

3. With no possibilities to travel, were your trips rather imaginative? 
I'm always travelling in my imagination so that's not new but this year, I missed seeing something that is actually new, rather than imagined. I live for the moment when I see or feel something I've never seen before.

4. Can you tell us about your favorite artists at the moment?
I was really sorry to miss Christo's wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe and jealous of friends who got to see it and I am usually NOT a jealous woman.  

5. Can you tell us about your new pieces? Have some new inspirations infused them?
As we learn more about the vastness of existence, galaxies billions of years away, my mind struggles to make sense of it so I made galaxies I can see and feel in my own hands.

6. You have always been keen on plants and flowers. Has your garden changed lately?
As a little girl I would crush rose petals from my mother's garden to make perfume and press leaves and flowers... though my garden is pretty raggedy at the moment. It's in transition and maybe suffered from some pruning I did based on watching Youtube tutorials!

7. Your dreamy pieces are very much related to movies. You’ve created some for movies and some are worn by famous actresses. Do you have any new projects?
I love our recent collaboration with Taylor Swift for the cover of her reissued album, RED. She wore the LOVE ring throughout the creative process of RED and she wanted a RED ring like the love ring on the album cover. She is a friend and just lovely and a dream to work with. There are also a few movie collabs happening at the moment but too soon to talk about.

The Red ring by Cathy Watermen for Taylor Swift's

8. During the two  last years, did you discover new movies, books, music that you would like to share with us?
For every non fiction book I read, I read half a dozen novels and found myself drawn to mysteries and suspense, which has not been my go to in the past. I like a good escape and read mysteries set in foreign lands. I also loved everything Lily King writes, same w Maggie O'Farrell.... the Midnight Library, A Registry of My Passage on the Earth, Klara and the Sun and my absolute favorite: The Overstory, which is the biography of some trees. I love both Bon Iver and the National and am loving their collaboration, Big Red Machine. And of course, Taylor Swift and her more folky most recent new works.

9. You’re one of the first designers to have agreed to collaborate with WHITE bIRD 10 years ago,  and you have now just created a special jewel for our anniversary. Can you tell us about your inspiration for that special piece?
I wanted a closed circle to represent how strongly I feel about what WHITE bIRD represents, good taste, commitment to not only beauty but good practices... and of course, a few leaves to represent what we must be grateful for.

One, two, three leaves - Cathy Waterman Pendant photographed by Victoire Le Tarnec 

10. We hope we can see you again very soon. Where will you go when you get the chance?
Paris and the French countryside are high on my list, as well a trip to see the Northern Lights, and the Italian countryside, these are the places that tug at my heartstrings but there are so many more places that I've never seen. A world to explore!

Merci Cathy !

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