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Ruby is one of the four precious stones along with diamond, sapphire and emerald. It​​ takes its name from the Latin word rubeus meaning red. Ruby is the red version of a mineral called corundum, which also includes sapphire. It is the fourth hardest mineral (index 9 on the Mohs scale), after diamond, lonsaleiteite and moissanite. Ruby is a very rare mineral.The market value of a ruby ​​depends on several factors: its size, colour, purity and its cut. All natural rubies have inclusions, only synthetic rubies can give the impression of being perfect.


Bright red to dark reddish-brown


Corundum group


It can be of magmatic origin or, most often metamorphic, that is to say that it results from the modification of pre-existing rocks under the effect of the heat and strong pressures. Its appearance requires the presence of aluminum, silica, and a little chromium for the colour ... Only 1% of the rubies that we find have the characteristics required to be used in jewellery.

Rubies are famous for their bright red colour. However, they can also appear in shades of purple, brownish red and dark pink. The red color is due to the presence of chromium and in some cases a little iron.

It has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale: among the minerals, only the diamond is harder (10 on the Mohs scale). The most esteemed shade is often the deeper red, known as pigeon blood. It is a highly sought after precious stone, famous for its beautiful luster.


Today, 90% of rubies come from Burma: they are of exceptional quality and have beautiful shades. Sri Lanka and Thailand are also important suppliers. There are also deposits in Africa, America and Australia.


Excellent for intellectuals and cardiacs, ruby ​​helps heal wounds. This is the royal stone that suits the ambitious. It symbolizes happiness and fire. It brings joy and prosperity, provides energy and health. It preserves from poison, presides over reconciliations, and diverts bad thoughts. A divinatory stone par excellence, it announces a misfortune by changing colour, tarnishing itself in case of serious illness, which made its reputation as an evil stone. The possession of a ruby ​​is a promise of happy life and happiness. If he often has a bad reputation among women lovers, famous actresses, it is that it was among the favorite stones of Marie-Antoinette and the Tsarine Alexandra Fedorovna. Tradition attributes to the ruby ​​the power to banish sadness, to keep away the plague and to distract the mind from all bad thoughts. To offer a ruby ​​to a woman was to guarantee against her infidelity. It is said that rubies prevent treason, but that they take revenge on infidels. Its red colour also makes ruby ​​an ideal choice for a romantic or passionate gift.


The rarity and beauty of the ruby, introduced in Europe by the Etruscans and Greeks around 500 BC, have made it an extremely precious stone since ancient times. It is often quoted in the Bible, as in the Book of Isaiah (54), which says of Jerusalem as the Lord's wife: I will found you on sapphires, I will make you ruby ​​crenellations, your stone doors. 

In the Middle Ages, ruby ​​symbolized the blood of Christ and kings wore it on their crown as a sign of their faith. It is said that a ruby ​​crossed the centuries from the Roman emperor Augustus's seal, to the kings of France ...

Ruby was an important gem in the Hindu religion. It was one of nine stones representing the planets that influenced the world and was attached to the sun. In ancient India, the discovery of a beautiful ruby ​​gave rise to imposing ceremonies and the stone was dedicated to Krishna.

Some famous rubies:

Ruby Edward at the British Museum in London (167 cts)

Star Ruby Reeves at the Smithsonian Institute of New York (138 cts)

Star Ruby De Long at the American Museum in New York (100 cts)

Ruby of peace (43 cts)

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