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Often confused with the ruby or red spinel, the rubellite is a variety of pink tourmaline whose name comes from the latin “rubellus” which signifies reddishing. It is characterized by its red colour, sometimes pink, and has been confused with the gemstone of the same colour, as well as by the Russian Tsar: Peter the Great.The hardness of a rubellite is quite high as it varies between 7 and 7.5 on the mohs scale. It is one of the rarest and most expensive stone of the tourmaline family.


Red - magenta




The rubellite is a variety of pink tourmaline highly desired in the world. Its colour varies between red and magenta and depends on its origin. The most desired rubellite is the one that looks the most like the ruby. The colour of the stone varies depending on the view angle and the light.


The rubellite comes originally from the Jonas mine in Minas Gerais state, Brazil and we can nowadays find it in Nigeria, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Australia, Afghanistan or Madagascar. The most beautiful variety of rubellite can be found in the Shimoyo mine. These stones are more scarce than rubies as there are so few.


The rubellite is known for its medical virtues. It is supposed to calm stress, minimize heart diseases and help with fertility issues. It is also supposed to encourage pacifism and to ease conflicts thanks to the transmission of peaceful feelings.


The rubellite is a variety of pink tourmaline whose name comes from the latin “rubellus” which signifies reddishing. The Dutch people are known for being the first European people to have discovered this stone and France discovered it in the 18th century.

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