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Especially in Europe and the Middle East, varieties of quartz have since antiquity been the most commonly used minerals in the making of jewellery and hard stone carvings. It is indeed the most common mineral on the Earth's crust and a component of almost every type of rock. Pure quartz, which is traditionally called rock crystal, or sometimes simply ‘clear quartz'. It is completely free from impurities and is thus a transparent and clear variation of quartz.






Smoked quartz is quite common. It is formed in all types of geological contexts: igneous and magmatic rocks, such as pegmatites, sedimentary rocks, alpine fissures, hydrothermal veins ...

Rose quartz is mainly formed in magmatic rocks, such as pegmatites, and sometimes in hydrothermal vents. It appears as large crystals or translucent microcrystals. Quartz is very common on the planet, it is one of the components of the granite and one can see with the naked eye or with a magnifying glass its abundance in the sand of the beaches. It would represent 12% of the mass of the lithosphere.


The main smoked quartz deposits exploited are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland (Cairngorm variety), Switzerland, Ukraine ... Haute-Vienne, France, is home to large morion crystals, especially in the Monts d'Ambazac , small massif located on the western edge of the Massif Central.

The main pink quartz deposits are located in Brazil and Madagascar. It is also found in the United States and Tanzania.



In lithotherapy, smoked quartz is considered the stone of responsibility and refocusing. Thus, it is said to calm strong emotions that confuse the effective thought, and thereby improve lucidity and concentration. It helps its bearer to think clearly and eliminates irrational fears, anxieties, internal contradictions, smoky quartz strengthens not only self-confidence but also the ability to open up to others and make the right decisions. It drives out morose thoughts and fights depression. If the expectations of its bearer are too idealistic and far from reality, it promotes awareness and refocuses energies on more reasonable goals. From a physical point of view, it helps fight smoking (as well as any other form of addiction).

The sweetness of the pink quartz evokes peace, calm and tenderness ... This is probably why this stone is considered comforting, it is supposed to heal injuries both physical and emotional. Its contact reassures, reinforces self-confidence and the ability to accept oneself as one is. Linked to the heart chakra, this energetic knot of Indian medicine, pink quartz facilitates breathing and strengthens the feeling of love. It helps regulate endocrine disorders. It has a moderating effect on blood pressure, strengthens the heart and facilitates the elimination of toxins.


The smoky depths of this type of quartz inspired fortune-tellers, especially in the nineteenth century: unlike crystal rock, perfectly clear, smoked quartz assured them to keep invisible to the laymen all the mysteries that their crystal ball revealed ...

The castle of Braemar, of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, located in the North of Scotland, contains a huge smoky quartz crystal which weighs more than 23 kilos! Smoked quartz was widely used in Scotland, especially to decorate Scottish kilts and make pretty brooches, as well as handles of daggers: called sgian dhu, these traditional Highland daggers are worn inside the sock so that we see beyond the handle. The latter should preferably match the spit.

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