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The name malachite derives from the Greek molochitis lithos which means mallow-green stone. The mineral was given this name due to its resemblance to the leaves of the mallow plant. Its color goes from dark to light green and the stones go perfectly well with yellow gold, like Anissa Kermiche’s beautiful earrings created exclusively for White Bird.


Dark to light green




Malachite belongs to the family of mineral carbonates, it is translucent or opaque. Its green color and its veining, characteristic of the malachite, make it very recognizable. Fragile, this stone can easily be scratched, the malachite is indeed a fine stone to handle with care. It is sensitive to shocks, but also to heat and acids.

Malachite stone is used to make jewelry, to make ornament and it is also used in cosmetics. This stone has detoxifying and antioxidant properties.


The deposits of malachite are scattered all over the world. The main ones are located in Russia which had at the time the richest mines, in France, in Australia, in Brazil, in Chile, in Congo, which is the first world producer today, in Israel, in Rhodesia...


Malachite is a stone that gives assurance. It promotes change and risk taking. Wearing this stone daily harmonises relations with others and absorbs negative energy. Malachite is used a lot in meditation.

This stone would relieve insomnia, it would also relieve asthma problems and treat digestive infections. In the Middle Ages, it was thought that malachite could cure stomach pains.


During Antiquity, malachite was used to make iconographic paintings. Once reduced to powder, the malachite pigment allowed to obtain bright blue-green tones.

The Greeks and Romans of Antiquity were very attached to malachite, they used it in jewelry but also in eyeshadow and medicinal powder.

Malachite was very represented at the court of the Russian tsars, it served ornaments decoration of their castles.

The Greeks also used much malachite in architecture, the temple of artemis in Ephesus was decorated with malachite.

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