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With colors ranging from the light blue of the ocean to the green blue of the lagoons, aquamarine is aptly named! This name, taken from the Latin aqua marina, means indeed sea water. The characteristics of this fine stone, its shades and subtleties, have made it a gem appreciated since antiquity. From the family of beryl, such as emerald or morganite, aquamarine comes mainly from Brazil. Aquamarine is a relatively hard stone, its hardness is 7.5 on the scale of mohs. Its color is due to the presence of traces of iron, it varies according to its origin.


Light green to clear blue




The aquamarine Santa Maria, of Brazilian origin (mina gerais), is thus particularly sought after for its deep blue. But you will also find turquoise stones (Santa Teresa), a pastel blue (Sao Domingos), an intense dark blue (Pedra Azul) or pulling green (Boca Rica). It should be known that stones with light tones are particularly appreciated.

If the choice of the color is primordial, the transparency and the purity of the crystal are also criterias to take into account in gemology. A beautiful aquamarine must be very transparent, without inclusions visible to the naked eye. These inclusions, invisible but nevertheless present, can give a shimmering glow to the stone by diffusing the light in starry form, or, in very rare cases, in the form of a cat's eye.

Size is also an important criterion, especially for highlighting light-colored stones. The aquamarine crystals are sometimes of large size, which makes it possible to obtain gems of good size, with a weight in carat important making magnificent aquamarine jewellery. In order to respect the naturally elongated shape of the crystals, the size of the aquamarine is often oval or rectangular with cut sides (or emerald cut).


Aquamarine comes mainly from Brazil. The deposits are indeed particularly numerous and the mines are distributed throughout the country: Cerara, Maxixe or Medina and Aracuai. The other producing countries are Pakistan (the main mines, Shigar and Chumar Bakar, are located in the north), Madagascar (Tongafeno region) or African countries such as Zambia (Karoi, Mwani and Kariba mines), Mozambique ( Alto Ligonha and Monapo) or Nigeria (Jos Plateau). Finally, there are some smaller deposits in Russia, the United States and Africa.


This stone symbolizes transparency, clarity and fidelity. It improves the sight and more generally, deals with the problems related to the eyes. It is also said that it can serve the truth and bring out emotions, creating an open mind, it invites to embrace a broader vision. In addition, it is traditionally offered for wedding anniversaries because it is said to revive the love of those who have been married for a long time.


Because of its colour and transparency, which evokes seawater, this gemstone was used as a talisman for sailors, who wore it as protection against drowning. Ancient civilisations also wore it to stimulate the memory and to awaken clairvoyant abilities.

Steeped in history, the symbolism and myths related to aquamarine are numerous. Its hues unequivocally recall the aquatic element, the aquamarine is often confused with topaz, it traditionally provides protection and luck to all those who work or travel on the seas.

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