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The word silver comes from the Latin argentum, which comes from the Indo-European arg-, which means white, bright, luminous. Silver is inseparable from its symbolism: it represents the deity of the moon.At WHITE bIRD, it is used by Sophie Buhai, Arielle de Pinto and Stephanie Schneider who all make bracelets and rings in silver. They can be brushed, guilloché or polished and the weight varies according to the different models.




In France, the hallmark of silver guarantee is symbolized by the head of Minerva. Its composition is protected and is the subject of regulations of the General Tax and Customs Code. Silver is indeed considered a precious metal when it contains at least 800 thousandths of pure silver. The Amphora hallmark represents pure silver of at least 999 thousandths. There are three titles of guarantee of the sterling silver: 1st Title with 925 thousandths, 2nd Title with 800 thousandths, and Small Guarantee with 800 thousandths. These state punches must be compulsorily insulted if the silver object weighs more than 30 grams. The diamond-shaped master's mark or the oval shaped importer's stamp is mandatory and must be affixed to the stamp of guarantee. This stamp is intended to identify the manufacturer or importer of the silver jewel.

To make silver objects, such as jewellery, so we use other common metals to make alloys, such as copper, to strengthen the properties of the object, so that it is stronger and stronger . Silver is indeed a malleable and very ductile precious metal. This means that it can be handled easily, but can easily be deformed. A natural alloy known since Antiquity is the electrum, composed of silver and gold


Archaeological discoveries show that silver found in surface mines could be separated from lead as early as 4000 BC in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia. In Europe, the main extraction centers were in Sardinia, before the Romans discovered huge deposits in Spain. They proceeded to extract 200 tons a year, a record only beaten a thousand years later with the discovery of America. The Spanish settlers then discovered many deposits in Peru (mainly at the Potosí mine) and in Bolivia. Later, the Mexican, American, and Australian discovered many native veins and eventually flooded the market, dropping the value of the precious metal.

Today, Mexico, China and Peru are the main producers of silver, but Poland and Serbia are also two major European producers. Silver generally does not come from mines that mainly mine this precious metal, but from lead-zinc, copper, and gold mines.


Silver has a gray color. Typically, when used to make jewellery, it is covered with a thin layer of rhodium that gives it a more uniform look and makes it wear better over time. However, many designers prefer silver’s natural colour and rarely cover their jewellery in rhodium.


Silver is also opposed in mythology to gold. It is white, pure, and feminine while gold is yellow, masculine, and active. Among the Incas and the civilizations that preceded them, the Moon is both the sister and the woman of the Sun. Silver is used for the needs of official cults. Among the ancient Egyptians, it is believed that the bones of the Gods are made of silver. Among Christians, it represents divine wisdom.

After having been a valuable resource during Antiquity in Greece and Crete, Spain became one of the largest silver-producing countries. The extraction of this metal is then extended to Central Europe.

Numerous advances in production have been made, in particular thanks to the technique of steam drilling or the improvement of transport. In addition, the number of silver mines discovered increased and new areas were exploited around the world.

Today, the world's annual silver production is 21,000 t.

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