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Platinum is even rarer than gold, and considered by some to be more valuable. This metal is very malleable and, like gold and silver, must be mixed with other metals to create jewellery.It is widely used today in jewellery workshops, especially in the United States where it is particularly popular. California's Cathy Waterman, whose pieces are available in our shop on Mont Thabor, creates diamond and platinum engagement rings with unrivaled sophistication.


Bright white-gray


This metal is very malleable and as for gold and silver, it must be mixed with other metals to create jewellery. Platinum alloys can be used in jewelery. They consist of about 96% pure platinum and 4% pure palladium. Platinum is very resistant to corrosion.

One recognizes its purity by the punch which marks it. If platinum is 99% pure, it is represented by an emperor penguin. It can only be affixed by the Paris guarantee office. Dog heads respectively mark the alloys composed of 95%, 90% and 85% of pure platinum. Finally, alloys whose origin is uncertain but composed of at least 85% platinum are represented by a Mascaron head.


Platinum is even rarer than gold. It is present in nature, especially in mineral co-operation and in sperrylite ore. It can be found in the native state in alluvium, in copper and nickel deposits or in magmatic complexes with other metals of the same family. Russia, Colombia, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ontario are the main deposits of this precious metal.


Its discovery dates back to 3000 years ago, in the time of Ancient Egypt. Some sarcophagi were actually decorated with platinum and gold hieroglyphs. In the era of the Incas, it has also been used to make pieces of jewelry, ornaments of all kinds. In the meantime, he remained anonymous until the Spanish conquistadores discovered it in Colombia in the 1500s. It was they who gave them the name Platinum to mean little money, because its gray-white color, similar to that of silver. Europe discovered it as a jewel in the 1780s, in the walls of King Louis XVI of France. Since then, platinum has been considered a precious metal. It has even become the favorite metal of European kings and jewelers of the United States. Since then, and especially after the Second World War where it has become a strategic metal, platinum is considered much more valuable than gold.

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