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Samuel François

As a stylist for the Numéro magazine for more than twenty years, Samuel François has designed extravagant and opulent fashion series with renowned photographers.
His training at the fashion school Studio-Berçot has highlighted his desire to create jewelry and after a first experience with Martine Sitbon in the 90s, he launched his eponymous brand in 2017.

Inspired by his many trips to Naples, Italy, whose darkness he fell in love with, especially the ossuaries and the cemetery of Fontanelles, Samuel François has created a first collection where the representation of his fantasies and their esoteric dimension, even talismanic, is undeniable.
More than jewels, Samuel's baroque creations in enamelled bronze express his taste for Antiquity, magic as well as organic and vegetal forms. Skulls and flowers intertwine in contemporary vanities pursuing the thread of art history, and are available in generous bracelets, figurative rings, necklaces or large breastplates.

Samuel François is self-taught, he makes each of his wax models as a sculptor, and works directly with his master founder and the craftsman who enamels each of his pieces.

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Paris, France

Social responsibility
Handcrafted in France.
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