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Rusty Thought

Rusty Thought was created in 2002 by Ryo Katori. Initially meant for men, the collection became more diverse in 2007 with the addition of a line dedicated to women.

Ryo and his partner have been working on these collections using traditional Japanese techniques to create jewels but also small pieces of art.

Rusty Thought’s jewels have very specific patinas that are obtained thanks to the ‘Ohaguro-yaki’ technique that was traditionally used to prevent rust on swords. Silver and gold are oxidized using sulfide found in some Japanese hot springs.

Their creations derive from the Wabi sabi, a philosphy based on the acceptance of imperfection and impermanence which is not easily understandable by Western culture. The essential beauty lays hidden inside the object, revealing itself only to those whose sensitivity allows it.

Rusty Thought’s jewels find their true beauty when worn and passed along from one generation to the next.

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Tokyo, Japan

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The production is handmade in-house by the designers.
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