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Lena Skadegard

With a decade of 3-D design experience worldwide and a background in philosophy & painting, Lena Skadegard has traveled in search of the unexpected, identifying new notions of beauty and preciousness.

Dividing her time between three continents, her collections reflect and synthesize place, history, faith and landscape while emphasizing the preciousness of organic, raw materials.

Raised visiting the Kashmiri Himalayas and the Danish North Coast on holidays, this combined background formed her sensibility. Continued travel sustains her curiosity and keeps materials, textures & palettes intriguing.

No two pieces are identical - every gem, stone, fossil and shell leads to a different exploration according to inherent qualities, encouraging unexpected friendships.

Simple settings emphasize the natural elegance of a polished North Sea fossil while delicate gems are paired with robust nylon cord tied according to Pacific Island tying traditions.

Most gems are set to kiss the skin - according to many traditions this activates protective properties of the stones.

Each finished group is blessed & immersed in rose & marigold petals, pomegranates, fruit, incense and holy water, intended to bring joyful energy to the wearer.

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New York, United States

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Lena Skadegard is known for her hand-crafted 18k and hand-tied precious and semiprecious jewelry using untreated and organic gems.
Available online and in the following boutique
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