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December 05th, 2018 January 05th, 2019


Founder and designer of 'Golpira', Gisa Golpira, was born in Germany and raised for a couple of years in the rainforest of South America, because her mother worked as a gold diver.

At a very early age she came into contact with gold nuggets that are now the heart pieces of her jewelry collection.

Ever since her parents worked as sustainable gold divers in the rainforest of Peru, Gisa started loving and respecting nature and understood the importance of an intact ecological system.

In her teenage years Gisa moved back to Germany to complete her education and study at the University of Fashion Technology in Duesseldorf. During her studies of fashion management she worked as a model all around Europe and later as a fashion buying assistant in Berlin.

Since she was a child she is wearing a small gold nugget pendant around her neck that her mom gave her back in the days. It was the first gold nugget that her mother found and it was the inspiration to begin her jewelry line.



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Every piece of Golpira jewelry is handmade locally in Germany by a small team of artisans. The gold nuggets are collected sustainably.

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