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Fernando Jorge

Brazilian Fernando Jorge has taken the traditional and turned it on its head in a most inspired way, becoming a shining light in the world of jewellery design. An early fixation with decorative objects and a passion for drawing led Fernando to his chosen design path.

He studied Product Design in São Paulo and his foray into jewellery began while still a young design student.

Fernando Jorge completed almost ten years working in key design roles at Brazilian jewellery labels. This experience has imbued him with a commercial savvy and honed his aesthetic. During this period he also started teaching jewelry illustration at the São Paulo campus of the renowned Italian “Istituto Europeo di Design”.

Through the course of the years, Fernando’s passion for fine jewellery only deepened, culminating in his decision to relocate to London to pursue the MA at Central Saint Martins.

His first eponymous collection was presented to critical acclaim at his graduation in 2010. In a short space of time the design world and international media were in agreement about his talent.

In homage to his homeland, Fernando’s pieces are imbued with an organic sensuality and a natural feeling of movement and elegance, an aesthetic inherently Brazilian in its approach. Fernando’s creations are contemporary and provocative, while at the same time they are grounded in the fine jewellery tradition that he is extremely well versed in.

Dividing his time between London, and São Paulo, Jorge finds a cultural symbiosis that informs his designs in a truly unique way. From London, the designer works on the creative and strategic sides of the brand. His process starts with a lot of observation followed by prolific hand drawings. His East London studio, situated in the city’s creative heart, is bright and full of natural light. Once he has a clear idea of what he wants, Fernando relies on his extensive network in Brazil to materialize his designs. He works closely with small workshops and craftsmen, accompanying every step of the manufacturing and pushing their skills further. The production is concentrated in central São Paulo, between Praça da Sé and Praça da República, an intensely populated area where most of the historic buildings of the city are located.

Brazil is rich in colored gemstones and Fernando taps into this resource, using materials that are common in Brazil. According to the designer, their beauty can often be overlooked and he challenges himself to give them a new life. Jorge gives them his trademark finish, experimenting with unusual cuts and forms. He also makes use of the delicate snake chain to create structures for his pieces, conferring them a unique movement.

The finished result is fine yet sculptural, underpinned by an innate sense of the experimental. Whilst he uses traditional craftsmanship of the past, the feel is strikingly new and modern.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Fernando Jorge works closely with small workshops and craftsmen in central São Paulo: all his pieces are Made in Brazil.
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