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Catherine Lévy, who created Dorette, was born in Paris where she has lived and worked ever since. At a very young age, she would make jewellery from what was close at hand: chick peas, pebbles, snail shells, even rabbit poo. These tendencies naturally directed her to Les Ateliers where she studied design.

She then joined forces with Sigolène Prébois to create objects for homes, signed Tsé & Tsé associées. Their vases, garlands, plates and bowls have been successful all over the world for twenty years.

Catherine has always travelled extensively, especially to India. Dazzled by the profusion and the beauty of jewellery worn in the streets, she dreamed of models mixing Indian techniques and traditional forms from French provinces.

The first pieces made in Indian workshops delighted her so much that the pleasure she felt wearing them must have been contagious: they aroused other people’s admiration and desire.

Dorette jewellery never weighs heavily on fingers, never scratches necks or pulls on ears… The multi-coloured stones, both modest and precious, diffuse a singular murmur and are always cheerful company. Each one is different, neither ancient nor modern.


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Paris, France

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All of Dorette's jewels are handmade in Catherine Lévy's Jaipur workshop with natural stones.
Available online and in the following boutiques
Le Marais shop
Mont Thabor shop
Saint-Germain shop




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