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Annette Ferdinandsen

Annette Ferdinandsen’s jewelry evokes the exquisite beauty of the natural world in abiding pieces that are elegantly formed with a modern sensibility. Daring and bold, original and playful, each piece is as unexpected as it is beautiful.

Los Angeles-born and New York-based, Annette has a creative vision that stems from a strong Scandinavian heritage deeply rooted in the worlds of art and design. Educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, Annette’s artistic hand reveals the rarities and distinctions of nature. Her uncompromising quality and attention to detail, together with her use of hand-picked precious materials rich with color and texture, are all emblems of her refined collection.

Designed in her workshop amid the historic countryside of New York ‘s Hudson Valley, Annette Ferdinandsen’s jewelry reflects the inherent grace of the flora and fauna surrounding her. Each piece is handcrafted in her studio, which is filled with the natural curiosities that inspire her - from coral branches to exotic seashells to bouquets of feathers and colorful flowers.

Annette Ferdinandsen illuminates these graceful forms to create jewelry with a pure, elegant design. Through her fine jewelry she captures the poetry inherent in nature- the breath of a flower dappled in rubies, the silent simplicity of a feather in gold, the temptation of an egg bejeweled – distinctive pieces that are naturally beautiful; naturally timeless.

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Hudson, United States

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All of Annette's jewelry is handcrafted in her Hudson, New York studio. The gold used is fairmined.
Available online and in the following boutiques
Le Marais shop
Mont Thabor shop




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