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Ana Khouri

Ana’s background in Art provides her a rich understanding of what is possible creatively.

Ana designs jewelry keeping in mind the myriad ways that a piece can take shape on the wearer. She balances the work with the wearer’s body.

She insists on bringing high jewelry into the twenty-first century. This attitude has formed a steady drumbeat under her ascent over the last few years and in the process, brought jewelry design a giant leap forward.

As a committed designer, 2020 has been a key year for Ana Khouri. She published a manifesto in favor of ecology and a sustainable lifestyle, supported the association Greenpeace, and engaged in the fight against the pandemic by offering a version of her bestseller, the Mirian ring, whose profits will be donated to the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières. In addition, the sale of her iconic earrings, will help finance the "A Common Thread" fund created by Vogue in collaboration with the American Fashion Council (CFDA) to support the fashion industry.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Ana's pieces are made from 18K fairmined gold or platinum and ethically and responsibly sourced gemstones.
Available online and in the following boutique
Mont Thabor shop

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